What is the organic way of driving traffic to brand site in 2020 !!!

Bringing traffic to your website doesn't mean that you want your traffic to be organic or paid there's difference between organic and paid until unless its stays for a long period of time. 

Now let's discuss from where does the traffic come from as we know there if we make the website we need to tell people about our website and for that we need to do SEO for that particular website but if the website is old we don't need it as we know that website already has a good traffic if the niche is good and the content what they are posting is valuable or not .

As you know that the traffic of a website can be measured with the tools of search engine optimization which will help them to understand that what are the basic rules we need to adopt in order to increase the traffic for our website.

1. Start your email marketing 

As we know the email marketing how much it will help us to grow our business as we can see that there is a landing page in a website which will attract the customers to our website and  that we need to get more emails and by creating a land good landing page we will get more and more emails from our customers.

As soon as we get the email we will shootout and use that email by providing them content that what we are posting, adding, creating offers in everything related to website.

2. Build backlinks

If you already have a website you must be knowing about the back linking which is used in the term search engine optimization. Search engine optimization focus is on the creation of a back linking now when it comes to the website.

High DA and PA website will get the traffic hi traffic the domain authority on the page authority will get us to know that what is the DA and PA.

Creation of back link is very easy you just need to follow the website DA and PA and then you need to start building the backlink for your website this is the terms used in the SEO (search engine optimization can be created by any expert of an SEO.

3. Do try to add testimonials.

People love reading the testimony and the product reviews which you want to post on your website.

Let us discuss this with the help of an example that if you are selling the mobiles or any electronic items. I would suggest you would just showed the unboxing of that particular product people love that because as we know that people just love unwrapping the product and by showing that video more and more people will visit to your website and see what you have posted if it is helpful they will follow you and see your stuff.

4. Optimize your old content.

As we optimize our old content our website will attract more and more traffic which will be beneficial for our new content also that they will get noticed and it will increase our websites traffic.

We will develop a new taste in the industry of food, electronics, gadgets and in our particulars field which is our website about, as we see this is a very dynamic environment peoples taste and preferences are changing so it’s better to use something that will help people to enhance the traffic to your website.

5. Consistency is the key 

If we post on a regular basis we will attract more and more visitors with our website which will increase our revenue and that visitor will be converted into such leads which will help us in every step in generating more and more traffic.

Sometimes it also depends upon in how many times we are posting in a week a normal person posts once in a week, bloggers post it regularly just because they want more and more traffic and people to see them and want to get followers more and more. Your content should be up to the mark for it.

6. Use long tail keywords for your website 

As we know the shorter the keyword it is very easy to rank it on so that it is not possible that only your keyword will rank high that’s why we need to work on long tail keywords. As we will work on it will be hard for others to use this long keyword in the website automatically our website will rank high.

There are many tools which will help you to find the best keywords and are free to use they are not accurate but will tell you the best result. In 2020 people are using voice searchers more than keywords so it’s better to keep a long term keyword which will help them to search the exact result as they want.

7. Socialize on other social media channels.

Socializing is very important element in optimizing the content as you will share more the more views you will get and the people who are watching will also help them to see and use the content they need which will be helpful for them.

Comment on blogs and post which you want that from where you will get high traffic and the people who will come at your blogs will like and share it.

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