What is Digital Minimalism? And how you can incorporate it in your life?

Digital minimalism is a concept introduced by Cal Newport, an American author. It is based on the simple understanding of the word - Minimalism, but more specifically in the context of the highly digitized world in which we currently live.

Cal Newport elaborates on this in his book – Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World. Digital minimalism is a philosophy that helps you ask what digital communication tools add the most value to your life. It's motivated by the belief that intentionally and aggressively removing low-value digital noise and optimizing your use of the tools that really matter can dramatically improve your life. This is the definition of digital minimalism given by Cal Newport in his book.

Understanding how to practice digital minimalism has become extremely important, especially in this day and age where we are surrounded by technology 24/7. We have so much to do that sometimes it can be overwhelming and we can feel like there is too much clutter in our lives. It is important to let go of some things and focus on what is important and valuable to us. We often complain that we don't have enough time to finish everything we should be doing and tend to procrastinate, but we also end up going down the rabbit hole of going through YouTube shorts or random Wikipedia pages. In the modern age of Instagram, we've all gotten so used to looking for external validation from other people, whether it's constantly monitoring the number of likes on our posts or updating our audience about our lives, that we've actually forgotten to live in the moment.

Tips for incorporating digital minimalism into your life:

1. Turn off your notifications – We all know how annoying the notification ‘ping’ sound can be, yet we don't care about turning it off. When we are doing something with full focus and concentration and suddenly, we hear a notification sound, our attention is diverted and the next thing we know, we have been chatting with our best friend for hours and we have completely lost track of time.
2. Delete Unused Apps – We all have so many unused apps on our smartphones that we think we will use someday but that day never comes and just takes up extra space on our home screen and also in our storage space. It is better to remove these apps regularly to make our device look cleaner and more organized.
3. Set a screen time limit – These days, we are exposed to so much screen time on a daily basis because most of our work is online and we have to constantly sit for long hours in front of our devices. To reduce the amount of time we spend on devices, we can set device time limits or reminders on our phones and various other apps.
4. Organize your folders – A well-organized folder helps us be more productive at work and also helps us focus. Just as cleaning a room and putting things in their place brings peace of mind, well-sorted and organized folders ensure that our work goes smoothly without any obstacles.
5. Clean up your inbox – A cluttered inbox is not something we look forward to. We should regularly set aside time to go through and respond to important emails. We can also unsubscribe from email senders if they do not concern us and are unnecessarily cluttering our inbox.

We see that this is not a very difficult task, it is all about creating good habits and avoiding distractions to stay focused. So, are you going to practice digital minimalism in your life starting today?


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