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Kerala being the god’s own country attracts a large number of people from different parts of the

world. Today, Kerala is home to millions of natives and is a crucial tourist destination point of

attraction for millions of people who come in every year. It is named as one of the ten paradises

in the world mainly because of its unique culture, traditions and customs. Munnar is one such

tourist attraction in Kerala which is famous for its exotic tea and coffee plantations. It’s also

home to several scenic waterfalls namely Atukkad waterfalls, Lakkam waterfalls, and

Nyayamakad waterfalls etc.

Kerala is famous for its geographical fascination. It is abundantly admired for its sunny beaches,

mesmerizing backwaters, serene hill stations, mouth watering cuisines, great greenery, large tea

and spice plantations, astonishing coconut groves, exotic wildlife, and ravishing waterfalls.

Anywhere we look around today, we can see trees and plants across and throughout. This is a

state that is completely folded by nature. There are many viewpoints in and around Kerala

wherein we can view the serene beauty of nature in its purest form. The hills, mountains, and

forests are the major points of admiration for the tourists.

One of the major tourist attractions here is the application of ayurveda. It is a medicinal system

that’s preceding in Kerala. Ayurvedic approaches are used to prevent and treat illnesses. Also,

their treatments only use organic raw medicinal herbs to treat various types of diseases and

sickness. It is believed that ayurvedic treatments play a crucial role in healing and curing

different types of illnesses which is why tourists from different parts of the world come into

kerala so as to find ways to cure their ailment. The reason for why Kerala has been known for

ayurveda on a worldly level is because of Kalari, which is a traditional form of martial arts that

originated during the olden era of Kerala. It includes different types of exercises and oil

massages. Performance of Kalari was considered to be a common form of art, it was typically

run by the traditional astrologer families.

The monsoon season in Kerala is known as the season of festivals, the harvest festival of onam

is one such activity that is considered to be a popular celebration of the state. Kerala is home to

a variety of festivals like onam, vishu, eid, thrissur pooram, puli kali etc. Every festival is a

celebration centering on the particular aspects of each community, religion and cultures.

Festivals teach us a lot about different communities and societies thereby creating awareness

among the people. Festivals are not merely celebrated to create awareness about their

communities, religions or cultures but also to bring people together in order to create a sense of

belonging in society. Such a gathering is an opportunity that brings friends and relatives

together in a bond of love. Nothing can bring people together like festivals do !

Kerala cuisine offers a multitude of food that includes vegetarian and non - vegetarian dishes

which involves poultry, fish and red meat with rice as the most common companion of its own.

Other major items used while preparing Kerala cuisine are coconut oil, curry leaves, chillies,

ginger, garlic, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, asafoetida and other spice powders like salt,

chili powder, turmeric powder, pepper powder, garam masala, etc are the most basic ingredients

used in the preparation of Kerala dishes. They have been known as the ‘land of spices’ since

ancient times.

Dishes that come under this dining involves various food items such as meat,

fish, seafoods, pulses and legumes, fruits and vegetables, and other fibrous foods.


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