Product’s success & User Engagement


How user engagement is equally or in some cases more important than App downloads & how to get it right.

If you’ve recently launched a consumer internet product or you’re the marketing manager taking out the product into the market among its target audience; One is for sure that at least once you have faced the problem that the number of App downloads and Number of engaged users is not in sync.

Most of the startups after the launch of App focus on getting as many downloads as possible and they plan their campaigns keeping that in mind. However, if you consider the performance metrics of products (especially in social/content/gaming platforms)user engagement plays a key role in determining the performance of a product.

This is very usual for the first time founders to struggle with getting the desired user engagement.

Here are a few tips that will surely help you to increase user engagement:

Design the product to be engaging:

Nothing can beat a product which is designed to be engaging. Determine a clear cut path for your users to finish the specific task in your App and make sure that the users are spending extra time exploring your platform.

You can show suggested items like e-commerce websites or if you’re a social media platform you can show other user’s activity by default to the users.

This will make the user spend some extra time checking out the items and will ultimately result in higher engagement.

Gamify the platform

Gamification means when you add game-like elements to your App for your users to encourage their contribution to your platform.

Depending upon the product you’re building you can add various gaming elements like promoting users to different levels after their successful contribution to the platform or you can rank the users based on their contribution/purchase activity etc.

Social Proof

Seeing their friends are actively using the platform users feel encouraged to do the same. Add social connectivity and put on display the user’s friend's activity to increase the rate of engagement.

Segment & Target the right user set

Approaching the right kind of users is equally important as making a good product. Segment your entire target audience and find out the best one to start off at the initial stage. This will help you get the required rate of engagement and also will get you the free word of mouth.

These are a few tips to help you with increasing user engagement for your product.


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