Metaverse: beginning of a new world?

Whenever we pause and think, that what more development science can do, it surprises us with yet another unimaginable thing possible. Rising of a new world in an existing world, sounds grievous but fascinating and engrossing at the same time. Imagine while sitting in your own room you can feel and experience a 3D virtual space connecting users in all aspects of life and meet people from the corners of the world. The concept of the term ‘Metaverse’ was first brought up by Neal Stephenson in a 1992 science fiction novel ‘Snow Crash’ where humans were programmed as avatars and lived in a virtual world which was then used as a metaphor and now it has become a reality which Neal Stephenson himself never imagined to become.

People all over world are going insane after Metaverse, taking the example of the famous Indian singer Daler Mehndi who bought a property in the metaverse and named it as ‘Balle Balle Land’ although he was not the first celebrity in the world to do so, a number of celebrities like Snoop Dog have bought a land worth $450,000 which he will use for virtual concerts, parties, shopping and car exhibitions. Another famous celebrity who bought land in the Metaverse was Paris Hilton, who calls it as ‘Paris World’ and recently had a fashion show in the ‘New World’.

Not only celebrities but also college and school students are driven by this augmented reality, similarly is the case of a student Vishwas Saxena, who is very much into the digital world and spends most of his time studying about it. Asking few questions to him like ‘Why do you find Metaverse so much intriguing and why does it attract you so much?’ while giving the answers there was a spark in his eyes and he replies, ‘Metaverse is the most intriguing thing that happened in his life and he feels that the beginning of Metaverse is the biggest change the world will ever witness and it will attract the youngsters to another level.’ asking another question to him that ‘If he gets an opportunity to buy land in that virtual world will he buy? and he replies with so much enthusiasm that ‘he is literally just waiting for that moment when he can buy a land in Metaverse and fulfill one of his lifelong dream.’

Where there are some people who do not have land in the real world, do not have enough money in this world to purchase food and shelter, there are people who are buying land in the reel world with digital money which is more expensive. It is very much true that where one human’s minds stop, another human’s mind begins. Sometimes it feels that this is just the beginning and what more surprising is left for us humans to witness in this ongoing and engrossing world, because no one ever imagined that there  would be a new world inside an existing world.


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