Are you fascinated with the digital world a lot, nowadays? Are you also willing to start your first blog?

If yes, then I am here yo help you in starting your will and make it to get a boom success.

, How to create a blog post? How to write a post for your blog? How can you write a blog post 6 steps? How to write a blog post in 6 easy steps? How to write a blog post in '22?

I am here with a step-by-step guide on, How to create a blog post?    

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So let's dive into it!

Six-steps guide to write a blog post from start to finish:-

  1. Start-off with a Title!
    As it is said, 'First impression,
                        is the last impression'.
    Always choose a title, that itself convey the upcoming content.

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  2. Proper Introduction.
    Always hook with a bold statement.
    Make the introduction that interesting, that people can't resist reading the remaining, like do you know, we can write a blog post just in few steps and get success.
    And give the overview of blog post in introduction.

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  3. Body Building.
    Always make your blog post easy to Skim-an overview, so that, the readers can generate their more interest in your writes.
    Always write in paragraph form. And paragraphs shouldn't be more than 5-6 lines.
    Language and vocabulary should be easy to grasp and understand.

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  4. Link-up with Other Sites too!
    We all were not born with knowledge and brilliance. We have many sources, from which we learnt a lot in past, still learning and still have so much to learn in future.
    As 'Learning is a ongoing process'.
    Similarly, whenever we/you write a blog post, do a efficient and sufficient research about the topic.
    And should link those websites in your blog post, so that readers can get more verification about the information you given to them.
    It builds their trust on you.

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  5. Link Other People to Drive More Traffic.
    Always link the videos of people related to content in your blog post. It gives more clarity to your readers.

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  6. Effective Conclusion.
    Even I do, people approach first to conclusion to get overview of the post.
    So, construct a effective conclusion. Conclusion should be the short version of the whole post.

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    Bonus Tip: Always opt for relevant keywords!
    Always select and write the keywords that match the searched queries of readers.
    Just take the example of this post, keywords that'll make this post more engage-able and reachable are like, How can you write a blog post from start to finish? Write a blog post in steps...etc.
    So, here are 6 steps to write a blog post from start to finish, with the inspiration from Neil Patel sir.

            A full video guide on how to write a blog                   post from start to finish by Neil Patel sir.

    Overall, one should write a blog post in easy, understandable and grasping language.
    Hope you got your way to write your first blog post.
    What are the other steps to write a more proficient blog post? Leave a Comment below.
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