Gone are the days when everyone believed that without
meeting a person in real life would they ever be able to
achieve a true connection or any official meeting could
be carried out,with the unexpected and disastrous
breakout of the covid-19 not only the working modules
have been shifted to the online mode but the meetings
are also being carried out online,from being able to
present a project presentation from the comfort of your
home to national level conferences being carried out
with the online video conferencing applications the
process has been eased out a lot.

What is google meet??

Basically google meet is an application designed by
google for handling video conferences for businesses
and organisations handling on a professional level and
have a large set of employees and need to carry out
meetings from time to time. So google meet is an
platform that helps you to carry out such meetings from
the comfort of your home.

How to use google meet??

How to host a meeting??
1. To start off you need to have an google account if you
don’t have one visit and
create a google account there which would help you to
operate google meet.

2.When you are done signing up with google visit
3. when you would visit the specified url a window
would appear as shown:

4. Now if would like to host a meeting click the new
meeting button.
5. When you would click the new meeting button the
following options would show up:

6. If you need to host a meeting instantly click the start
an instant meeting option and the following window
would pop-up.

7. Now if you want to invite anyone to this meeting you
have hosted you can copy the link as given in the white
colored pop-up and send it to them, now they can join
this meeting by following this link.

7. Controls available for the host:

❖ Mice : mute/unmute
❖ Video :able/disable
❖ Screen present control button
❖ Menu toggle
❖ Call end button
❖ Member display
❖ Chat display
❖ Meet link description

Member display:
This window displays all the participants of the meeting
and their display picture with their names in the
respective window so that host can note whoever is in
the meeting.

Chat display:
This windows displays the messages that are being
typed by the participants or the host and a record is
kept of the messages being sent.

Host control setup:
Using this button the host can change the setting of the
meeting according to his requirements.

Menu toogle button:
Using this button the host can change the setting of the
meeting and design it according to his needs and
personalize the meeting according to his needs.

How to give a presentation??
If you want to give a presentation in a meeting on
google meet just follow the following steps:
1. Click the present screen button.

2. Now select the favorable from the three options

3. Select the appropriate option and then click the share

4. once you click the share button you will start you
screen with all the participants in the meeting.

How to join a meeting??

If you want to join a meeting on google meet just ask
the host for the link for the meeting he has created and
copy the link to the blank tab available on the opening
screen of google meet.

This was the whole set of instructions you would need
to look upon when you are using google meet on an
laptop/desktop but if you need to operate google meet
on your cellular device you just need to download the
google meet app otherwise all the features are same as
stated above.


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