Important things to focus on during bachelors
Focus on your academics
As a student, you’ll have to focus on your academics. For the most part, this means sticking to a schedule and getting ahead of your assignments as much as possible. The more free time you have, the more likely it will be that other things will distract you from studying—and that's when procrastination can creep in.

If you find yourself comparing yourself with other people (especially those who are doing better than you), remember that this won't do any good for your self-image or productivity levels. And if things start to get discouraging? Remember: everyone goes through rough patches at some point in their lives; it's okay if things aren't going quite right right now! Just try not to let these feelings discourage or demotivate you for too long; instead of wallowing about how hard everything is, take action by asking for help from friends/professors/advisors who might be able to offer advice on getting out of this slump!

Have a goal and work towards it
Set a goal and work towards it.

Set a deadline and reward.

Be specific about your goal.

Set a reward for yourself if you reach your goal on time, or else determine how much longer you'll need to work towards it (e.g., "If I don't get at least a 3 on my final exam by Friday, I will take Saturday off".)

Make a plan to achieve your goal (e.g., “For the next two weeks, I’m going to study at least 2 hours every day except Sunday afternoon so that when exam time comes around I can stay up late working instead of getting distracted by friends asking me out).

Help others
Help others.

You’re going to learn a lot in college, but the most important thing you can learn is how to help others. So make sure that you’re always focused on doing what’s best for your friends, family and community.

Be a positive influence.

Your positive attitude will rub off on everyone around you—and it will inspire them to do better work and be better people too!

Learn from others: If someone has something valuable to say about life or school or anything else, listen up! Everyone has something unique and interesting about themselves that could teach us all something important about ourselves as well as the world around us.* Be the best version of yourself: It’s easy to get caught up in our own worries or fears; but remember that if we all stick together then we can accomplish anything! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise either - they'll just be jealous because they know what it feels like when nothing seems possible anymore."

Accept that not everything will be in your control
As a student, it's important to accept that you can't control everything. This isn't just a game of solitaire where you're playing against yourself; there are other people involved in the game who are going to make decisions that affect your life and career. You'll need to learn how to accept their actions and decisions as well as your own.

This can be difficult because many people act like they have more power than they actually do—but learning how little control we actually have over our lives is important for building resilience and mental toughness! If you can accept this fact early on, then chances are good that when hard times come along later on in life, you won't feel like everything is falling apart around you.

Be physically active and travel
Traveling is one of the most important things you can do in order to be successful as a student and in life. It helps you learn about other people, places and cultures and it makes you understand the world better. The more that you travel, the more adventurous person you become; it also helps develop your sense of adventure when travelling by yourself or with others.

Traveling allows people to meet new friends from around the world which can help them develop their social skills as well as their communication skills because they have to communicate with people who don’t speak English very well at times; however this will only happen if they decide not just to stay at home all day long doing nothing but playing video games or watching television shows on Netflix every single day all day long without getting outside at all even though they live close enough so there’s probably nothing stopping them from leaving except maybe laziness because nobody wants anything good happening right now either way so why bother trying anything new ever again?

These things help you achieve success and make you happier
You’re in the middle of your bachelor's degree, so you have a lot of work to do. You can't let distractions or personal issues get in the way of your goals.

Focus on your academics: Your grades are important because they'll help you get into graduate school or land a good job after graduation. Make sure that this is what you want to be doing before committing to it, though! It's not worth getting an overpriced degree just because it looks good on paper.

Have a goal and work towards it: Life is short, so make sure that whatever you’re studying has real-world applications so that when you graduate, there will be jobs waiting for you (and not just entry-level positions). If becoming a CPA appeals to you more than becoming an architect (no matter how much fun architectural models look), then go for it! And if being able to fly by flapping one's arms while standing still sounds like something fun instead? probably need some help from google before jumping into any decisions here..


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