College is an astonishing place, everyone is unique in their own fashion trends coming from different
hometowns to completely different new city for pursing higher education. You meet new faces, new
ideas, new culture and new trends and it feels like necessary to have these important college fashion
trend with yourself.
If you think you want to wear stylish trendy outfit having more comfortableness and easily get into your
budget. So here I am with amazing college fashion trends ideas and tips.

1. Trends with comfort
When you think about fashion your priority should be your comfortness in the clothes think
about different seasons, different fabrics and different clotting styles.
For example Summers, college starts in the Summer season so when you go to purchase new
clothes choose the fabric that will help you stay cool and fashionable.

2. Trending Styles
Most colleges do not permit to wear shorts jeans so try out this amazing traditional outfit Indo
Western clothes like palazzos with t-shirt, kurtas with denim or kurti with straight pants, short
flared kurti or peplum kurti with pants.

3. Be ethnic
In college to look absolutely stunning and perfect try a pair of traditional clothes that are easy to
carry. If you have to go for professional meetings pick semi- formal. When I was in college we
have to wear formals and it feels really good. You have a lot of many options here pick the trend
that you think is right one for you.

4. Be versatile
if you are planning to full your wardroom on your first day of shopping, that's not a good idea.
Always go with the trends but never by in bulk. Otherwise it will be wastage of time and money.
Trends will change so quickly that your clothes will be out of fashion, to avoid this choose
clothes that are versatile and can be wear more than one.

5. Pick bright colors
say no to dull and dark
Dark color looks great but not all the time, instead you should go for bright color clothes. Do
remember your fashion sense in college will be more fun if you wear what you like to wear.

Enjoy yourself and enjoy your personal fashion styles. I hope you like these tips that will make
you look unique.


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