We all have some childhood memories but I have some
different and amazing which I learn from my
grandfather. And I thought somewhere he is my role
model somewhere I learn a lot from him.
So, when I was a kid around ten or twelve I always
wake up early with my grandfather because they used to
walk early in the morning and I used to go with them
too he always used to take some food item with them
like some packets of breads, pigeon grains and many
more items when we used to walk, a place where we
meet thousands of pigeons used to come daily so, I used
to my grandfather to serve those grains very politely
and I used to ask why do we do so?

I used to say they
can eat their food from anywhere because they are free
to move then they understood me that they can’t speak,
but don’t we have any duty as human being to feed
those silent creatures because we are the only ones who
can do it ourselves and fill our stomachs on this earth
and he used to say that we all are a gift of same god so
why should we differentiate between them is it because
they can’t speak then I understood the first lesson of my

life that apart from ourselves there are who, as soon as
we want happiness but they cannot speak, then what?


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