Are you someone who loves watching movies along with subtitles? If yes, this article is going to be really helpful for you. Today we are going to discuss how you can turn on or off your subtitles on your Hulu app or any device you are streaming the movies in.

Being amongst the top streaming platforms around the globe with the best shows and programs to binge-watch, Hulu is something you would definitely enjoy. Doesn’t matter in which language you are watching, the quality of content matters a lot, and at this stage, the role of subtitles is very important.

Just stream your favorite shows, turn on your subtitles and enjoy watching them without any difficulties. While on the other hand, if you are familiar with the language and  find the captions  to be distracting as well, its completely okay, because you aren’t the first in this category 

If you are facing issues turning on or off the subtitles,  don’t worry we’ll cover that issues and will explain to you how you can enable or disable the subtitles on any of the devices you are using to stream.

How to turn on/off subtitles on Hulu on Roku?

Once you are done turning your old television set to a new one using Roku, you are all set to watch premium content on Hulu. Facing difficulty while turning the captions on or off on the Hulu app? 

Follow these steps to turn on/off the captions on a Roku TV –

  • First, you need to go to the Hulu app on your Roku Player

  • Using the remote press the Home button in the middle 

  • Then using the keys, head to the Setting menu

  • Once you open the Settings menu, you’ll find the Accessibility tab

  • Clicking on it a new page will open.

  • Then go to Captions mode where you can find the settings to either enable or disable the subtitles 

  • Choose according to your demands whether to turn on or off the captions and click on the respective tab to activate the settings

Using these steps you can easily turn your captions on or off and enjoy your favorite show as per your need. The steps aren’t long enough to trouble you just use the Roku remote efficiently to navigate to the Settings tab.

How to turn on/off subtitles on Hulu on Smart TV?

Watching the best shows on a premium screen is truly every cinephile’s dream and you have already cleared the first step of getting a Smart Tv. Just rush to the Hulu app on the Tv and enjoy the best shows around the globe. But for watching shows of a different language you need to understand what they are saying and substiles act as a savior for you in this case.

Follow these steps to turn on or off the subtitles on Hulu on a Smart Tv –

  • First head towards the Hulu app on your smart tv

  • Then select the show or program you want to stream

  • Click on it and the show will start streaming

  • Once you start the streaming, then press the Up button on your tv remote

  • The control bar will open up

  • On the right bottom of the screen, you’ll find the Setting option

  • Click on that to open the Settings menu

  • You’ll find the subtiles tab opening

  • Then using the remote, click on the setting you wish to enable or disable or the language you wish to stream the show in

That’s it, with these easy steps not only you can enable or disable the captions as per your wish you can also customize the subtitles such as the font size or the synchronization. It is that easy and you can watch your favorite shows as per your needs.

How to turn on/off subtitles on Hulu on Firestick?

Firestick is yet another module that helps people turn their traditional tv into smart tv by connecting it to an online network. Just plug in the firestick to your tv, enable a couple of changes and you are good to go.

To turn on/off subtitles on Hulu on a Firestick, follow the below-mentioned steps – 

  • Using the navigation bar on the  firestick remote, go to the top banner on the screen

  • You’ll find the Settings menu over there, click on it.

  • Then go to the Subtitles tab  and click on the settings you want that is whether you want to enable or disable the subtitles

Sometimes despite using this method, the subtitles don’t get off. Do you know how to get closed caption subtitles? 

If not, follow these steps to get closed captions on Hulu turned off –

  • Go to the Setting tab using the navigational bar 

  • Then go to the accessibility setting where you can find various settings

  • Then go to the Closed Subtitles and click on it 

Once you are done following these steps, you can turn the subtitles on or off on your Firestick. Using the same steps you can change the settings back to normal. It is not that hard you see? Just a couple of steps and you are good to go.

How to turn on/off subtitles on Hulu on iPhone?

You might have heard that the settings on iOS are always difficult to change, and if you are someone who thinks that it is true, let us help you clear your doubts. Changing the subtitles settings on an iPhone is not that hard as people make a buzz about it. 

Follow the steps mentioned below to turn on/off the subtitles settings on Hulu on iPhone – 

  • Head towards the Hulu app on your iPhone

  • Go to the video you want to stream or watch

  • Play the video by clicking on it

  • Once the video starts, tap on the screen 

  • You’ll find the settings tab on the top right corner

  • Click on that and a Subtitles menu will open

  • Choose your preferred setting and click on it to enable it

Once you are done activating the settings whether it be turning the subtitles on or off, the result will be visible once you start replaying the video again. 

How to turn on/off subtitles on Hulu on Browser?

If you are someone who uses Hulu on a web browser and is facing issues with the subtitles settings, don’t worry about that. Just continue reading the article to find a solution to your queries.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to turn off/off subtitles on Hulu on a browser –

  • Go to the browser and open Hulu’s webpage

  • Login your credentials and enter the homepage

  • Click on the show you want to stream and start playing it

  • Tap on the video while streaming and you’ll find the setting menu in the top corner

  • Click on that and open the Subtitles and Audio menu

  • Choose your preferred settings and click on them to enable it

Following these steps, and you can easily activate subtitles settings on Hulu on Browser. It is easier to change the settings on a web browser. You can also download the app for the respective device you are streaming in for a smooth experience.

How to turn on/off subtitles on Hulu on an Android?

In the end, when it comes to Android, the process is quite similar to its rival OS which is Apple iOS. The steps are more or less the same and changing the steps is a piece of cake now if you have already read the above article or know how to change it on iOS.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to get modify changes to the subtitles –

  • Launch the Hulu app on your device

  • Play the show you want to stream

  • While the playback, tap on the screen once

  • On the top right corner, you’ll find the Settings menu

  • Click on it and the Subtitles menu will open

  • Change the settings as per your preference and click on X to save the settings

Once you are done following these steps you can observe the changes when you replay the video again.

So these were a couple of methods by which you can either enable or disable changes on the subtitles and can watch your favorite shows as per your own preference. Whether watching a movie in a different language to watching shows with a typical accent, with the help of subtitles you can watch any movie in your mother tongue and enjoy having a great time binge-watching.


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