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Six Reasons You Need to Rebuild Transmission of Your Car.

Most modern cars today are pretty durable, and with the right care as well as maintenance, they can provide a good run of services. However, just like everything requires significant repairs, your transmission can also require replacement. One of the most crucial parts of your car is the transmission, yet many car owners don't know how to recognize when their transmission needs to be rebuilt or completely replaced. In this article, we are going to discuss six essential reasons why you need to rebuild the transmission of your car.

Before we move on to the six reasons, let us understand

What is a Transmission Rebuild Process?

Finding the source of the issue is a crucial component of transmission diagnosis since it allows you to decide for yourself whether or not a rebuild of the transmission is necessary. Typically, the transmission rebuilding procedure entails:

  1. Removing the transmission from the vehicle and dismantling it

  2. Cleaning the transmission by running through a washer

  3. Replacing damaged parts, seals, and parts

  4. Additional electrical repairs

  5. Installing the updated transmission

Now let us understand the six most important signs.

  1. Transmission Does not Engage or Stay in Gear.

When you put your vehicle in gear, and it is not able to move, it does indicate that there is a problem with the transmission fluid. This can happen due to a leak, shifter cable, or it can be a problem related to the problem regarding the valve body of your automatic transmission. In such cases, it is important that you get your transmission checked by a proper repair shop. In addition, most new vehicles generally depend on computers to tell whether the transmission is going to be gear based, and in such cases, you have to get your computer checked in case of any troubled codes.

  1. Delayed Shifts or Missing Gears

If you are noticing that your transmission takes a certain amount of time to go into gear, then in such cases, you might be having a lower transmission fluid condition because of a leak or contamination. This can happen due to lack of maintenance or water intrusion in case of flooding conditions. However, it does not sound serious; however, it can create certain overheating conditions, thereby damaging the transmission parts internally. Certain other possibilities include engine-related problems. So when you notice this, make sure to take your vehicle to your nearest repair shop and get your transmission rebuilt. 

  1. Burning Smell

When you notice any kind of burning smell coming from the car, it is important that you visit the repair shop. The odor is an indication that the transmission is overheating. Hence this is also an important indication that it is time to rebuild your transmission.

  1. Dragging Clutch

A dragging clutch essentially fails to disengage the clutch disk from your vehicle's flywheel when the clutch pedal is pressed. This leads to a clash in the gears of the car, especially when the cars are shifted. A dragging clutch is commonly caused due to a mechanical failure.

  1. Shaking 

These are generally common in cars with an automatic transmission. This happens when the gear changes. This does indicate that the transmission has a problem. When you notice this happening with your vehicle, it is time that you get your vehicle inspected in a repair shop as soon as possible.

  1. Check Engine Lights

A lit-up check engine light on your dashboard can indicate in certain cases that you may be having car issues that can be minor and serious. In such cases, it is important that you check it with your local repair shop. In certain cases, it also indicates certain transmission problems that might need changes. 

These are the six important reasons and signs you should watch in order to rebuild your transmission. 

Besides the reasons it is also important to understand the cost. So let us understand it.

What is the cost of a Rebuilt Transmission?

As with any auto repair, the price of a transmission rebuild varies significantly depending on a number of variables, such as the kind of car you drive and the extent of the gearbox damage. 

When dealing with a transmission repair, pricing is always a crucial factor to take into account, but it's also crucial to think about the quality of the repair job done. However, if you get in touch with a proper transmission provider which provides you with some of the best vehicle parts, make sure to contact their experts.

Summing Up

These are some of the most important signs that you need to watch out for regarding the transmission of your car. If you notice any of the above mentioned signs, it is time to rebuild your transmission. Make sure that you get in touch with a proper repair shop, who are experts in this field.


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