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"Paper has more patience than people...

Anne Frank 

As teenagers or youngsters struggling with adulting, the adversities that we face are often too harsh for us to persevere without it leaving our souls scarred. Journaling one's thoughts and feelings is very often recommended by counselors and psychologists to their patients indiscriminately on the basis of their ages. 

There are a number of Brightside of keeping a personal journal: 

1. Checking in with oneself: Journaling your day to day experiences helps you check in with yourself about how you're feeling. More than often when a person writes about their day-to-day activities on a daily basis they tend to be more honest 

and closer to knowing themselves deeply. It calms one's mind and helps one focus on oneself better

2. Improves mental health: Mental health is a fragile subject which can be triggered or affected as a consequence of certain everyday actions. Writing about one's feelings on a daily basis helps refresh the mind, vent out disturbing thoughts and sometimes even helps solve problems and reach conclusions

3. Improves writing skill: In today's fast paced world we are losing some essential intimate elements within ourselves like the habit of writing things down on a paper. Exercising a pen on a paper is an intimate art that is slowly losing its importance and significance. Daily journaling in a dairy can help one regain this practice. 

4. Creative thinking: To compose a paragraph describing your day, it'll need a lot of brain work to comprehend, think and put it down on paper. This exercise helps to regain the flow of creativity and bring back the once lost natural flow of writing. 

5. Turns down Solitude: Ever since the culture of letter writing has perished, along with it what has too evaporated is the tradition of true friendship. People are truly lonely in today's world due to excessive competition and livelihood related complexities. What everyone truly lacks is a person to talk to and a wilful listener. Writing journals can help one self find a sense of friendship with themselves and share how they feel through writing and reading them to themselves in private. This practice enhances the relationship one shares with one self, builds a sense of self esteem and self protectiveness which is very important for surviving in today's world


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