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Today education needs to be built on a strong foundation to withstand challenges of the future and to impart knowledge especially to students. Since this is the age where one can mold them into a perfect pupil by instilling new age learning technologies.

This new age technology implementation has proved to look beyond the narrow confines of the students’ textbooks. Now apart from their regular textbooks they are taught in other areas by conducting workshops. This has helped to nurture a healthy mindset where students grow faster and learn more keeping windows of their mind open. Students prepare patiently with positive thinking. This technology also enhances skill-based learning with innovative ideas. Along with academic performance extra-curricular activities are also given more importance to enhance students’ talent. Their talent should be applauded and appreciated to make them move ahead while learning which will boost their confidence level. Thus, knowledge of power is initiated in students.

Through online learning students have carved their niche by focusing on building their creativity in the area of their interest. New skills have been inoculated to produce exceptional minds for wonderful results. Nowadays concepts are clarified practically rather theoretically among students.  Curiosity is developed among students through motivational templates, powerpoint presentations, and related videos of particular subjects discussed. This has also enabled kids to grasp more knowledge. A student's capability can be improvised by clearing their doubts on their difficult topics. Through weekly counseling their performance is tracked upon to guide them properly. Shorter methods are adopted to explain any particular topic in a detailed manner. Students enjoy such methods as they are prepared according to their requirements. Online learning has improved students' learning capability in a steady manner.

Interactive education has enabled Students to improve their communication and verbal skills. There is an increase in their interest to express their point of view on any particular topic. Students get involved in a subject through discussion where they are given a chance to speak openly regarding the topic chosen. They learn with enthusiasm through interaction which has enabled learning to be more engaging than before. Confusion is cleared out from their minds and they come out with amazing outcomes. Students grasp faster with interaction. Interaction increases their learning power to acquire more knowledge.  This is the age where they can grow faster if proper guidance is provided to them. Their learning can be accelerated to the next level. Interactive education has made learning more comfortable without burdening them. Every student is given a chance to express their point of view. They learn to rectify their mistakes. They easily find solutions by putting effort. 

Switching to Gamified Learning has made learning more fun than before as students are hugely attracted towards such kind of engaging learning. Through gamified learning kids are getting motivated to acquire more knowledge thereby improving productivity. Gamified learning has also instilled problem solving along with critical thinking skills. There is a great enthusiasm among students when they are taught using gamification. They concentrate on the topics discussed with other team members. They openly speak about their topic and clarify their doubts in the ongoing session. Gamified learning apart from providing information, increases interactivity through which the confidence level of students boosts up to the expectation. While learning through rewards and positive feedback the brain gets more activated to learn more and more. Gamification has lessened students' fear of failure, as they don’t just make failure ok but it is made part of fun, they are motivated to perform much better. Reattempts make them improve in their task and they don’t find it difficult to orient themselves in the game. Their progress is visible in front of them by overviewing their performance. They easily access the next steps required and move on further to succeed. Every student wants to excel and demonstrate mastery over the challenges of the game, there is also team building involved through role- play and exploration. Here, students are pushed to keep striving for progress even when the going gets tough. Gamified learning is built on simple rules which students have to follow for their betterment. Now they are in control of their progress. Thus, gamified learning is proving to be beneficial in improving students’ performance. 


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