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Surprise! Premium streaming services are preying on our psychological weaknesses And they know it rather than thinking about them as a part of Millennial mating rituals. We should think of streaming services As faceless all-consuming algorithms trying to sell you more of what they've already Gotten addicted to. Everyone's just choosing to binge on some series instead of walking their dog, doing laundry, or any work well because binge watching has essentially made them an addict.

Clinical psychologists have said that binge watching marathons trigger a release of a chemical called dopamine in the brain. When you're engaged in a kind of activity that triggers the release of dopamine the brain reinforces and motivates continued engagement In that activity.

Statement of problem - 

India is rich in diversity, tradition, culture,  and values around the world. People have always taken the example of India when it comes to how culture and traditions are being passed to the next generation. Films and the tv industry have always been significant sources of infotainment and entertainment for the people in India. Also, they have been one of the essential sources to influence thoughts, behavior, and belief

It is generally seen that the youth, especially kids and teens, tend to learn the instances, dialogues, from movies, and later it stays in their mind for an extended period. The new era of online video streaming content and web series based on an economic model to earn revenue and young audience overlook the need for value-added content.

This content contains too much abusive language, hatred, vulgarity, a sense of rebellion against parents, country, law or religion, and other taboos of the society. It deals in originality and creativity, but at the same time, it has a solid potential to attract the youth's attention.

It is already understood that youths are more likely to imitate and adapt one's behavior to their own because they can easily relate to what is shown on online web shows and other video content. As a result, it develops a lot of behavioural changes in youth today.


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