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Look exceptionally awesome with these monsoon styling tips.

The Stylish Monsoon

What is the first thought that strikes your mind, when you hear about the monsoon? Well, movies have always romanticized the monsoon and rain. Monsoon’s beauty is highlighted by the freshness of the weather, the sound of rain, blooming and blossoming flowers, and the smell of wet soil.

While monsoon provides relief from scorching summer, it also challenges us with waterlogging, traffic jams, muddy streets, copious downpours, and water puddles. Irrespective of loving or suffering during monsoon, we all love to stay updated in fashion and styling.

Whether you intentionally get drenched in the rain or a sudden downpour irritates you, these excellent styling tips will help you. Monsoon is not about taking a break from fashionable clothes, it is the time to update your wardrobe to stand out from the crowd wearing dull/boring clothes. Scroll down as we have listed some of the excellent styling tips for you to experiment with this monsoon season.


Best fabrics to wear in monsoon-

First of all, let’s discuss the most comfortable and stylish fabric. As it is monsoon, you can get drenched anytime, therefore the right fabric is indeed important. Choose the fabrics that are easy to wash and that can be dried up easily without any hassle. Cotton as we all know is one of the most comfortable and light fabrics. Chiffons and polyester also are good options. You can carry these fabrics with ease without worrying much about them getting spoiled.

Denim is a good option for preventing mud stains, which is very normal during monsoon. But denim, woolen, and silk are the kind of fabrics that take time to dry up and can also get ruined if washed frequently. Garments made of linen are desirable in hot and humid climates as it is a moisture-wicking fabric. It gets dried up easily and wicks sweat faster than any other fabric. Hence, making it breathable.


Upperwear is one such thing that people notice almost immediately. No one will notice your footwear before seeing your tops and tees. So the monsoon should not ruin your fashion. To look elegant this monsoon season, change your plain colored shirt.  Checked or washed-out denim shirts will go well with the humid weather. Wear a tank dress, knee-length cocktail, or midi dress that looks voguish and will highlight your beauty and boldness. If you are looking for the most comfortable ones, choose a mini jumpsuit or a knee-length maxi dress over everything. Floral print t-shirts paired with shorts will indeed be a snazzy look. Bright colored crop tops or tank tops with a neutral or nude shade skirt or denim shorts can be a good alternative for tight-fitted t-shirts.

Spaghetti along with an overlay shirt or top is a classy combination. Prefer sleeveless clothes because they will provide relief from humid weather. Wear shrugs and cardigans because you won’t be sweating. A georgette shrug is both light and comfortable. Stain-proof shirts are also available in the market. It will save a lot of work by preventing stains from ruining your clothes.


Muddy streets and water puddles are a common sight during the season of monsoon. And you’ll hate getting stains on your favorite pant or bottom wear. It is preferable to wear dresses with short hem. Denim shorts with a classy t-shirt or crop top will be on fleek. Chinos and tulip pants will be a great option to stay away from mud or dirty water which may cause bacterial infection.

Dark-colored clothes hide stains quite efficiently. Wear dark-color clothes as they will hide stains and will not show that the cloth is wet if you get drenched. Style dark-colored shorts or skirts with a bright or light-colored top to look elegant and chic this monsoon season. Knee-length cargo shorts or a divided skirt will be a good alternative if you’re not comfortable wearing shorts. A big advantage of denim shorts or skinny jeans is that they will not lose their shape even if you get drenched or wet. A skirt with a floral print will match the vibe of monsoon season. You can also create a casual yet stylish look by folding your denim jeans in a few notches and carrying them with a classy shirt or top.


Footwear is one such thing in monsoon, which should be taken care of. Choosing the right footwear can save you from slipping on the wet surface. Most importantly choose slip-resistant shoes for this monsoon season. It has an interlocked pattern that allows the sole to contact the floor and saves you from slipping.

Avoid wearing closed footwear as there is a high chance of them getting spoiled. Also if it gets wet or dirty water gets inside them, it can cause bacterial infection. Choose rubber footwear such as crocs, flip flops, sliders, or slippers which are both comfortable and slip-resistant. However, at some office places, casual footwear is not allowed. Don’t forget to wear waterproof socks if wearing closed footwear. Ignore footwear made of leather, velvet, and suede as it can get ruined. Trust me, there is nothing worse than seeing your favorite pair of shoes getting ruined. Don’t compromise with your style, match your formal outfit with colorful neon socks. Replace peep toes, stilettos, and kitten heels with wedges as it is much cozier to carry. Style your shorts, skirts, or flared mini dress with elegant knee-high PVC boots.


  • Umbrellas- women holding transparent umbrella

Transparent Umbrella - Who says umbrellas are old-fashioned? Umbrellas nowadays are an important piece of a fashion statement. It not only saves you from sudden downpour but can also prove to be the cherry on the cake if you choose the right one. Here are some tips for you:-

Ditch the traditional black umbrella and choose one having a bright and pop color that will look both cool and breezy. You’ll look different and stylish as compared to the crowd holding uninteresting, black umbrellas. Umbrellas in pastel color are an honest choice.

Transparent umbrellas will turn a few heads towards you. Transparent umbrellas look unique, stylish, and sophisticated and will very well protect you from getting drenched.

Windproof umbrellas- A windproof umbrella will not simply fall apart at the first blow of wind throughout a violent storm. It will help you a lot while traveling no matter whether you are traveling solo or in a group.

Inverted umbrellas- Carrying a wet umbrella in your vehicle and getting a lap full of water may be problematic. Inverted umbrellas can save you as the wet side of the umbrella is hidden within and it can stand up all on its own.

Bags - A bag that keeps your belongings dry is a must. Waterproof backpacks will save your essentials from getting wet. You can also keep your umbrella in it. Choose a spacious bag that has enough space to keep all your important things.

 A leather handbag is not a good option as it can get ruined in the rain. So replace it with an all-weather cross-body bag. Tote bags are convenient during the monsoon season as it is spacious enough to keep all your essentials and also easy to carry. Transparent hobos are both stylish and functional.

Hairstyle- It is advisable not to leave your hair open as there is a lot of humidity in the weather during the monsoon season. Go for a messy braid or side braid. A low bun and space bun will be the easiest yet chicest options. Try accessories such as claw clips and fashionable rubber bands to give your hair a touch of magic.

Have short hair? Don’t worry we have styling tips for you too. You can try easy side twists or half up half down bun for a professional look. Curled short hairs help you pull off a trendy look this monsoon season.

Makeup- You won’t like to wander like a ghost in the city. Will you? Waterproof makeup is the foremost important thing as you can get drenched in a sudden downpour any day. Light makeup will highlight your natural beauty. For the face, first of all, apply moisturizer then grab a lightweight shadow. Dab a blush, apply eyeliner and mascara and you’re ready to rock. For lips apply a light shade of lipstick or lip balm. Flaunt your natural beauty with these tips and you are monsoon ready.

For nails, you can try different nail art designs with some bright color nail paints which will give your nails a colorful look to match the vibe of monsoon. The sunset effect nail art and rainbow nails are the ones you can try without thinking about it twice.

Color and pattern-

  • Color- White color clothes are to be avoided as stains are easily visible in white-colored clothes. Weather during monsoon is dull and grey because the sun is usually hidden behind the clouds. Dark-colored clothes will only match the dullness that is already present in the surrounding. Bright colors such as orange, yellow, canary, lime green, electric blue, and neon colors will radiate freshness and joyfulness in the silence of streets caused due to rain. If you are wearing a black or dark-colored bottom, pair it with a bright-colored top and vice versa.

  • Pattern- Who would like to wear plain clothes without any breezy pattern. Pick clothes with floral and ikat print. Bright colored clothes with polka dots are also a nice option. V-neck tops and leopard print are also in trend these days.” Match the trend and stay stylish” is our favorite tagline currently.

Jewelry- Last but not the least, let’s wrap this up with stylish jewelry. Swap heavy uncomfortable jewelry with light, minimal, easy-to-carry dainty pieces of jewelry. A statement necklace or just a layered necklace will get the work done. Along with it, you can wear a broad cuff, a watch, or a link bracelet for a classy look. For earrings, you can either wear a small stud or feather earrings. These statement jewelry will provide a casual and cool touch.

Avoid wooden, or metallic jewelry or accessories during rain. Try to ignore oxidized pieces as they tend to become darker if worn in moisture-laden weather. Try differential releases instead with bright colors. Stone rings and glass rings are quite popular and are available in a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from.

Seashells reflect life’s journey, power, and peace. Seashell jewelry is an all-time favorite. Go for a seashell layered necklace along with seashell circular hoop earrings for a crisp stylish look. Cowrie choker will go well with any voguish outfit.

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