It is always about the people we meet and the places we visit, ALWAYS.
Every individual we meet is a reflection of ourselves, every place we visit is a definition of our choices and real being. Hence, travelling is that part of our lifestyle which unravels our lost self, which makes us meet that part of ours which otherwise woud always remain undiscovered. 
The journey we tarvel is not just about reaching any particular destination, its about reaching and touching those part of ourselves which we didn't know existed. It makes us leave the extra burden of daily life behind, makes us connect to ourselves and futher helps us exploring the hidden parts inside us. 
A certain level of peace and calmness is attained when we move out from our hectic schedules to peep into life and live in the moment. One develops a strong understanding of living and and gets connected to his/her innerself.
To roam is to exist.



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