Carrying Forward The Fashion Trends Of 2K19 Through New Year!

As the year ends there is a lot to remember! Fashion was on the next level this year, whether it's bright shades or prints- This Year Was Fun Exclusively! 

As we speak about fashion the main thing which comes to mind is it's tricky. Not everyone is a blogger or fashionista. People in everyday lives don't have any stylist to style their everyday looks. So to understand fashion, one must understand the essence of cladding up any look. Basically while dressing up what all we need to do is look for comfort. Just follow the trends which you feel are comforting for yourself. 

When it comes to trends & styles in women's fashion world, complexity is favourably more. There is a lot which is going around the world. Fashion & lifestyle bloggers are making it easier for us to get familiar with the latest trends to follow. All we need to do is scroll through the Instagram feed and get all the information we require. 

The trends we are focusing on today are namely the ones which were hyped all through the year. From popping colors to animal prints, belts to waist bags- all for you to try. If you too are looking for ways to style them and carry them with you to 2k20 then follow the guide below: 

Belt: The Epitome of Stylish Accessory Belts are a staple when it comes to fashion styling but this year these were styled with a twist. The emphasis was totally on belts and not on the outfit. Women were seen accessorising big leather belts over the basic piece of clothing, creating an edgy style statement. These are a great way of enhancing & elevating any look for the fall. You can go from minimal to extravaganza belts for styling everyday looks. You never know how this simple accessory can turn up the overall look any day. 

Belts With Waist Bags: Handsfree Fashion for Your Convenience Many actresses & bloggers were seen adorning waist bags over dresses this year. It resolves the issue of carrying bulky slings everywhere you go. Just style the bag and carry your must-haves in it. Also, these look quite cute over a body-con dress and basic jeans & tee outfit. These bags are available everywhere and on almost every brand. You can choose from neon shades to metallics when it comes to waist bags. 

Shine in Style Like A Star: Experimenting Metallics A little sparkle never harms anyone and a hint of metallics is never too overboard! People were seen adorning beautiful metallic pleated skirts with basic tops, creating a bold yet classy look. Since the year is ending, the holiday season is around the corner, styling metallics are perfect. While styling metallics the thing to keep in mind is Layering. You can create fun looks from your existing wardrobe. Like wearing a metallic skirt with an oversized tee or even jumper, it will look versatile. For those who are afraid to experiment can simply carry some accessory in metallics like a clutch, scarf or even belt. 

Prints Please! Animal prints to Safari stripes all under one roof. Not only can Ranveer Singh nail that print look! Ladies shall also level up the style game and go for some animal prints this season. Many big brands launched their print collections throughout the year. These were a raging trend which many of us followed. 

Prints are a way to add fun to any basic look. People are afraid to experiment with basic style as they fear they won't be able to pull it off. We are glad that prints are here to save us, from cheetah print to zebra stripes- this year was all about fashion safari! Jumpsuits, dresses, blazers, coats & mesh tops were some of the main clothing articles which we saw in prints. One even doesn't need many accessories while they are adorning some animal print outfit. You just need some confidence to grace up the overall look. 

Trench Coats: Oversized Fun Trench coats are, of course, a fall staple that you can't miss to carry in 2k20. Designers still try to reinvent it, whether it's in the material, design, style or colour even if you can't go wrong with a classic trench. For starters, introducing the belted trench trend is a great way to lift last season's channel. 

Stepping Out From the Neutral Zone: Neon OUT! This trend requires stepping out of the comfort zone. Neon shades are brighter and create a vibrant ambiance for everyone. We saw brands experimenting with the neon side a lot this year. Women were seen adorning neon tops, dresses and shoes while being subtle & classy. The trend would suggest going for neon statement pieces, such as a purse or pair of shoes, for those who are not quite ready for the bright look just yet. The query which remains is how to style these? You need not worry about it as there is a shade of neon for everyone, whether you are looking for brighter or more subtle neons- all are available. 

Trends can be overwhelming at times but styling them can be a task. Since everyone isn't a stylist, trying the latest trends is the only way to know how far your fashion routine can go! 

The trends mentioned above are the ones that caught up everyone's eye. Styling & trying these trends can vary from individual to individual. The above guide was to help you get a brief of the year's most talked-about fashion ideologies. The basic agenda is to look good and feel confident in every outfit. 

Start the new year with a bang and carry forward the trends you enjoy. Style new year party looks like a pro & enhance the basic knowledge of fashion aesthetics

The Bottom Line here is to look good, make heads turn in comfortable clothing. Fashion can never be tricky if you know what looks best on you and not just blindly following what the world says. 

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