A Basic Yet Comforting Trip to The Mountains

Often we wonder to escape reality to experience the tranquility of nature. We tend to make plans to visit mountains for a sense of belongingness. 

Mussoorie can be the perfect place to hit for a weekend getaway. It is located in Dehradoon District of Uttarakhand. Accessibility is quite easy as it's just 35 km from Doon city. One can reach Mussoorie by several means of transport. One can travel by bus or even hire an individual or sharing cabs. Local buses are also available, charging only INR 47 per person. Also for people who like to travel fast can take a flight till Doon City and later hire a cab for the Queen of Hills. 

The digital age has made everything easier! No longer one needs to visit the hotel itself for placing bookings. The best way to enjoy a hassle-free stay is to book via various modes available online. Ensure that before planning the trip you check on the season's availability. September to June is the best time suited for visiting this beautiful hill station. During this time of the year, the weather is pleasant for exploring the places around. To enjoy any place all that we require is peace & a plan. Whenever you plan to visit Mussoorie ensure that you have in mind the places you are willing to see. As traveling in mountains takes time, places are nearby but due to steep roads, it takes up most of your time. 

Places to Visit While In Mussoorie: 

Lal Tibba: One of the most talked-about places to visit while one is in Mussoorie is Lal Tibba. Located around 6kms from the city, this place is quite untouched by modernization. It's about 2,275 meters high, providing a view to remember. You can take up a bike or a cab to reach here. One can have a view of the 3 pristine peaks namely Kedarnath, Badrinath & Nilkantha from Lal Tibba via telescopes. 

Lake Mist: It's an artificial lake located in the forests providing a tropical vibe in the mountains. You can have a chill & fun time with your family and friends here. 

Kempty Falls: It is located on your way to Mussoorie from Doon City. Water falling from a 40 feet altitude is a sight to capture. People who visit Mussoorie never blow up on kempty fall. There are cafes & restaurants too where you can have the mandatory Maggie & chai. In recent times this place has also been developed to hold the crowd during peak time. 

Gun Hill: Being the second highest peak of Mussoorie, Gun hill surely is a place you cannot forget to visit while being in Mussoorie. Offering a captivating view of a few of the highest ranges in the Himalayas: Bunderpunch, Srikantha, Pithwara, and Gangotri. One of this place's most popular features is a 400 m exciting Ropeway from this incredibly beautiful peak to land. 

Mussorie Mall Road: Being located in the heart of the city, Mall Road is a historic landmark lined with lampstands and benches along with new stores, video game parlors, and shopping centers. You can have evening strolls while sipping coffee and enjoying corn. There are a lot of food joints ranging from big names like CCD to authentic stores for binging on good food in Mussoorie. 

Nag Tibba Trek: If you are an adventure enthusiast then a trek becomes mandatory while traveling to hills. Grab your gang and experience the mighty Nag Tibba Trek! 

It is situated in Mussoorie and is quite untouched and unknown by many, making it ideal for those who wish to travel away from the rush. The trek is of about 10,000 ft amongst the snowy mountains during the season. However, before opting for some adventure like this ensure that you have the safety gear & knowledge to avoid any discomfort. 

Benog Wildlife Sanctuary: Try your hands on some wildlife photography in the Benog Sanctuary. The Benog Wildlife Sanctuary is renowned for its almost extinct mountain quails, deers, leopards, and red-billed blue magpies. It is an ideal place for bird watching and capturing sight of beautiful peaks of Chaukhamba and Bandarpunch. Being a part of the Rajaji National Park, the Benog Wildlife Sanctuary is located about 11 km from the Mussoorie Library, one of the most visited attractions in this beautiful hill region. 

Dhanualti: An Off-Beat Habitat Located nearby, this place has the most limited intervention of people. Dhanualti is a place that can be as dreamy as possible, it will sweep you off from reality for a while. Being so quiet & beautiful this place is a must for those in search of peace. 

Company Garden: Company Garden is a well-kept picnic spot with a mini lake, 3 km from The Mall Road. Take your family along, kids can have a fun time playing in the lush green garden. 

Camel's Back Road: Again for the people who travel to seek peace and isolation, a stroll on the camel's back road can be very soothing. The 4 km stretch, shaped like a camel's hump, is also a popular horse-riding spot. 

So apart from the above-mentioned places things you can do while in Mussoorie can be many. Most important is to have a soothing time away from the rush of modern lives. Enjoy every moment spent in the lap of nature, take away goo experience that will cherish you ahead in life. To travel is to indulge in peace and self-love and not just clicking pictures and posting status. 

You never know what all can mountains teach you, what nature has in store for you and what it feels like to meet new people on your way. 

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