Top 6 YouTube channels for Data Science knowledge

AV(Audio-Visual) has a long-lasting impact on our minds. Hence allowing us to retain the knowledge better. The conventional methods of studying using books have their own advantages. But people are becoming more inclined towards video lectures as a medium for knowledge. Thus, YouTube has become the perfect companion for this.

Also, the Internet has bridged the gap between humans and learning resources. From blogs to videos, self-paced learning resources for any domain is available to fellow humans in abundance. Moreover, the Covid19 pandemic has increased the stress on self-paced free learning resources as many people are exploring their interests in various domains. And YouTube is at the forefront of free video-based learning for data science.

Since the COVID19 pandemic has left us all stuck at home, why not use this time productively and invest your time in the knowledge of tomorrow? So in this article, I will be covering the top 6 Data Science YouTube channels to enrich yourself.

1. Sentdex

The channel has 919K subscribers and more than 1000 videos. Harrison Kinsley leverages the Python programming language for multiple ventures that he owns. The channel offers content related to Python. Other videos offered by him are about finance, robotics, data analytics, game development with Python, etc.


The non-profit organization helps you learn to code by building projects. The channel has gained 2.19 million subscribers since it started in December 2014. The videos are related to Basic Python programming, data science machine learning, and deep learning.

3. Krish Naik

Krish Naik is the Lead Data Scientist at Panasonic IIC is a pioneer in machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision. The 2-year old channel has over 212K subscribers and 10 million views. His channel covers everything related to data scientist.

4. Corey Schafer

Schafer is a YouTuber who has been creating tutorials and walkthrough videos. The videos are well-suited for beginners as well as experts. His tutorials cover topics such as Git, Python, SQL, Programming Terms, JavaScript, Computer Science Fundamentals.

5. Tech with Tim

The free education channel in programming and engineering domain has 334K. Tim posts all tech and programming tutorials. These tutorials range from the basics of programming to creating AI, ML applications. The content of the channel is related to programming languages and other general advice.

6. Python Programmer

Giles McMullen owns this data science YouTube channel. He is a journalist specializing in artificial intelligence and machine learning. You can find videos related to Python, data analytics, machine learning, and much more on his channel. He also advises on how to learn these skills and where to find the best resources for learning. But the unique feature of this channel is that it has videos where he reviews books related to data science for beginners.

So see yourself which channels suitable for you and according to that start your learning. And remember on thing

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.

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