JIO is set to launch its affordable 4G android smartphones by the end of december 2020

Indian telecom giant Reliance Jio is set to launch new ‘affordable’ Android smartphones in December 2020. However, as per Business Standard’s report, the ‘Jio Smartphone ‘launch might happen by late December 2020 or in early 2021’. The company will be expected to launch 10 crores (100 million) units of its affordable Android Smartphones in partnership with Google. These smartphones would likely to come with bundled data plans.


The low-cost part of the phone will facilitate by Jio just like they did with jiophone. Notably, Jio has partnered with Google to develop a new Android smartphone OS. In this way, both companies have plan to make entry level 4G smartphones along with an entry-level 5G smartphone as well.

Meanwhile, there is not much information available about much talked smartphone from jio. But as we saw at 43rd AGM of Reliance in July 2020, the Reliance announced a tie-up with Google to work on “affordable 4G and 5G smartphones” specifically for India. On that event, Mukesh Ambani, Chairman, RIL said:

“There are many feature phone users who are itching to upgrade to a conventional smartphone if only it was somehow more affordable”.

“Through this partnership, we’re confident that we can accelerate the national mission of putting a smart device in the hands of every India”.

Although, this is not the first time that Jio will launch any Android smartphone. Back in 2015, Reliance Jio launched a series of entry-level android smartphones under its ‘Lyf’ brand. But those were manufactured by ZTE in China, as per several reports. And due to recent border tension with china and growing anti-china sentiments in India, jio will not take any risk in this matter.
and now it seems like Jio is planning Jio will not in a mood to revive the existing brand. Yes! the company may come up with an all-new branding with "Made in India" tag for its upcoming smartphones.

Upcoming ‘Jio Smartphones’ expected Specs:

There are still Millions of people who are using feature phones in India on 2G network. There is lot of scope for mobile manufactures to introduce entry level android smartphones. Xiaomi is already having its entry level smartphone series called “Desh Ke Smartphones” or their “A” series likes Redmi 8A,9A etc. And jio is trying to capture that market with aggressive pricing and affordable data rates. So, the expected features maybe similar to Redmi Smartphones.

Latest ‘Jio Smartphones’ Price:

There’s no doubt that the pricing of smartphones plays a crucial part in determining the interest of buyers in a country like India where 500 – 1000 rs difference makes big difference in buying. In the affordable segment, some Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Vivo, and OPPO have captured the market very well. As they offer quality products at a reasonable price. 

People familiar with this development are speculating that the pricing of the upcoming ‘Jio Smartphone’ could be similar to Xiaomi’s mid-range smartphones. So, we can say that Reliance’s upcoming ‘Jio Smartphone’ will help a homegrown company to make its entry on the list of India’s top smartphone brands. This will be also win-win situation for customers as they will get more options of smartphones in affordable price point thanks to entry of jio in mobile market segment.

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