Nearby Share : Apple like Airdrop file sharing feature for Android is finally here!

It's finally here! Apple airdrop like file sharing feature for Android, Nearby Share is here.

  1. Nearby Share  enables quick file sharing between two android phones.
  2. Available on Android phones running on 6.0 or higher version

For almost a decade, Apple users enjoy  AirDrop feature that allows users to share files between Apple devices in a jiffy. Now, Google finally come up with its own version of AirDrop for Android called Nearby Share. Google has been working on this new file sharing feature since 2019 and now it is finally available for a almost all  Android smartphones. You will get every information about nearby share in this blog.

Supported devices:

Google says, Nearby Share is available for phones on Android 6.0 or higher. To check if your Android phone supports this new feature, follow these steps.

Update: Almost all devices are supported runningon 6.0 and above version.

1. Go to your phone's Settings > scroll down > select Google.

2. Tap Device Connections.

3. If your phone does support Nearby Share, you'll find the option on the next page.

4. Now go ahead and Tap Nearby Share to customise its settings.

5. You can turn it on or off. You can also select your Google account as well as set the device name. Moreover, you can also set your device visibility, along with having a control on the data usage.

Connection method:

Nearby share uses bluetooth ,wifi and location to pair with another device. It just like a more advance version of bluetooth with more security and ultra fast transfer speed.

Steps To send/Receive Files:

Open the file that you'd like to share > tap the share icon > search nearby share > tap Nearby Share. Your phone will now start searching for devices nearby. You must ensure that the receiver's device is within the range .

The person you're sending the file to will also need to enable Nearby Share on their Android phone.

Once your phone detects the receiver's phone, you have to simply tap on their device name. Simultaneously the receiver will need to tap Accept on their phone to start the transfer.

Within a few moments, depending on the files and size of the file you have shared, the transfer will be complete.

To know more about this feature you can watch this video 

How to use Nearby Share feature on Android

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