Varanasi , "The tale of a city older than history"|Tour guide

“The peace in the chaos”.

The ongoing rush, be it the busy roads or the “streets” acquired by the cows. One develops different ways to admire the beauty of this city.
Varanasi, considered being the oldest city, even older than the history itself is situated at the banks of the sacred river “Ganga”.The city might be crowded with the air not so fresh but something spiritual and pure it contains which energizes the soul of every “Benarasi”  or anyone who visits the city. One can unleash the true meaning of love while sitting by the ghats.

The love could be felt with our own soul while staring in the evenings with a cup of tea and the boats smoothly sailing in the river.
The sun is too set letting our eyes with a gentle touch of peace it creates with its reflection all over the river, its soo soothing and divine.
The mornings are filled with energy especially the time of the rise of that big giant red ball.
One could get totally involved in nature with a boat ride in the early morning and all ready to see the sunrise


When the first rays strike the surface of the river, it leaves a shine sparkling the beauty of water and reminding about how beautiful nature could be.

The things are worth to be experienced, if one gets an opportunity to visit Varanasi, he/she must visit without thinking once.
Well, Varanasi has it all.
Be it the food love for the cravers of sugary “mithai”, the best of sweets someone could ever get or be it a craving for spicy “chats”. Its a must-try for someone visiting the city.

The kachori by the streets one could smell by even being far from that shop, the mouthwatering kachoris makes the start of every benarasi amazing, and sweetness of jalebis just fills the sweetness in life.

Varanasi is amazing, you just need to experience.

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