Top 5 shows to add in your cringe binge list

I'm sure everybody watches cringe worthy stuff for their guilty pleasure, because time to time you need to feel the cringe, you know what i mean. 

Here are some of the cringe worthy shows from my personal cringe list which i absolutely love and enjoy watching!

So cringe away!

Too Hot to Handle

It is a dating show where a bunch of hot singles are sent away to a tropical island, the plot twist is that they can't have any sexual contact with each other but if they engage in any kind of physical activity they will loose a part of the price money after every violation. There is also a virtual assistant present, Lana. She acts like the host of the shows also keeps everyone in check.

So the whole point of the show is that these contestants have to built genuine meaningful connections with people before they dive any further. But of course they are not able to do it, and a lot of drama and politics goes down. 

It is basically 8 episodes of messy, trashy content but we're all here for it, right? The show lacks direction and if you are looking for some serious meaningful content this show is not for you. But if you are looking for some mindless binge watching and just want something cringey to watch, watch away!

Love is blind

Love is Blind is a reality show where contestants have come to find love and hopefully even get married by the end of it. Here singles come to find their match without ever seeing each other face to face. 

In Love is Blind 30 singles live in a facility in Atlanta, where men and women live separately and only get to have a conversation in "pods" where they can not just see each other just hear. This part of the show is honestly very fresh and kinda cute when they get to just talk and get to know each other. After 10  days they  have a choice to get married, once they get engaged they finally get to see each other and spend time with each other. This is where all the drama starts when they are actually spending time together, meeting each others families. And at the end of the month they can get married.

Again not the best shows out there but we are here for cringe worth content aren't we? It honestly does start of really nice and engaging and then you start see the flaws of how this is never going to work. You will feel like screaming at the screen at some contestants, and feel bad for other. It has all kinds of drama you are looking for. And all of this is just a click away so go watch it!

The Indian Matchmaking

I am sure you must have seen a LOT of memes on this show, and if you don't understand them you go right now just for the meme worthy content it contains. Matchmaker Sima Taparia guides clients in the United States and India in the arrange marriage process, offering an inside look at the customs in today's world.

This is truly the cringiest show I have seen a long time. The whole show is just about the matchmaker saying how the girl should be flexible, not to dark, skinny and she should COMPROMISE and most important the BIODATA which is basically Resume for getting married. 

10 minutes into the show you will realize the cringe level we are dealing with here. So if you're looking for some real cringe, you are at the right place!


Splitsvilla is an Indian television dating reality show that airs on MTV. This show revolves around single individuals who are there to find a match and also and more importantly win the show. Men and women live in the same house and while they are hunting for love they are also performing various tasks. And let me tell you, the names of these tasks are probably cringier than the task itself. But they are a lot of fun to watch! And in the newer seasons, instead of contestants the oracle decides the perfect matches, Oracle is a automated voice that pairs the contestant based on their likes and dislikes. Of course the contestants can find their own matches and completely disregard what the oracle says. In the end a pair is crowned as the king and queen, the winner. 

There is lots of drama, like a lot also jealousy, hatred, friendships, and a LOT of fights and screaming. Splitsvilla without people screaming at each other is not splitsvilla so make sure you sit down to watch with a huge bowl of popcorn. There are 12 seasons of it, and the newer the season the more cringey it is, so start with the latest ones for sure!

Love School

In Love school, couples that have some issues with each other participate and the hosts help the young couples by giving them special tasks and challenges. The point of the show is that when the couples are competing in tasks together against each other, they learn more about their relationships and can put their misunderstandings behind. 

This is what it is, there is a lot of drama involved too and let me tell you it's not pretty. Just the whole concept makes is cringe worthy and lowkey entertaining.

These were some of the shows from my list which are totally cringe worthy but my guilty pleasures. I'm sure you all are gonna cringe as much as I did if not more while watching these. So I hope you enjoy them!

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