Outrageous Desserts You Need to Eat In Your Lifetime

1. 22-scoop sundae ,   Location-MO & MOSHI (Bangkok)

2. Edible cookie dough ,  Loc-DO(NYC)

3. Roti Sai Mai , Loc-Thailand

4. Pineapple split filled with pineapple soft serve ,Loc -Dole Plantation Honolulu (Hawaii)

5. Cookies served by bucket  , Loc -Sweet Martha's Minnesote State Fair

6. Nutella on tap,  loc-Pidapipo Gelateria Melbourne (Australia)

7. Junior's Cheescake , loc-Junior's (NYC)

8. Boozy ice cream , loc - Tipsy Scoop (NYC)

9. Chocolate-stuffed lokmas , loc-Lokmata Istanbul (Turkey)

10. Jalebi , loc-INDIA

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