Induction Program of College

Induction Program of College :)

For the freshers who took new admission in an engineering college, College organize an induction program so that students get familiar with college life, with teachers, with their department, with their seniors, with the college campus, and with the engineering.

All the fresh-up students will taken to various wonderful facilities around the campus, laboratories, grounds, auditorium as well as outside the campus also.

Induction is a two week program that is organize to make the fresher students familiar with the college life. 
The purpose of this program is:-
1. to get familiar with the teaching staff who will teach you in first year.
2. to get familiar with new environment.
3. to get familiar with administration of the college.
4. to understand the purpose of engineering.
5. to understand human values.
6. to be aware about the academic life.
7. to be learn the objective, scope and outcomes of engineering.

The behavior of college staff and administration are too good at the time of induction. After this the regular college and studies are start.

*After attending the induction program*

Expectation about college life:

The induction program is that much good and enjoyable so that a fresher student thinks that these 4 years will pass with too much fun and enjoyment. There is no too much study. This life is completely different from school life.

After attending the induction program the expectation of a student about college life are:

1. Now we are completely independent.
2. There is fear of getting fail and repeating that class again.
3. We don't have to study too much.
4. We don't need to go college everyday.
5. We can bunk the class whenever we want.
6. We can go to anywhere in college without any restrictions.
7. We can play our favorite game in the ground whenever we want to play.
8. We can do all the things we like without any hesitation and restrictions.
9. Teachers are so good and talented they will teach us properly so we don't have to worry about studies.
10. Administration of institute is too good , whenever we have problem we can talk to them about that.
11. Clubs of college are too good, we will participate in them.
12. We will participate in all the events of college.
13. In this time, we will do the real practicals in laboratory unlike the schools in which we just copy paste the experiments.
14. We will do too much fun in hostels.

Reality About College Life:-

1. No freedom is given to you.
2. Backlogs will irritate you and in next year you have to give your academic exams as well you have to clear your backlogs so more stress.
3. You have to study for semester exams as well as we have to learn more skills.
4. You must go to college every day because of the 75% attendance criteria. You will get debar from exam on 74.999% attendance.
5. You can't bunk class whenever you want.
6. You can't  go anywhere in college otherwise teachers will again send you in classroom.
7. Grounds are just showcase. Even you can't go inside it whenever you want.
8. You can't do anything of your choice.
9. No comments on teachers but you have to study for your own.
10.  Administration will get too much busy in taking the fees.
11. Clubs will really there in college but they have no members in it.
12. After participating in one event you don't want to participate in any event for whole college life.

After all these torture college life is the best part of your life and you will miss every moment of it.

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