Effect of Covid 19 on Stateless people

In international law, a stateless person is someone who is "not considered as a national by any state under the operation of its law." There are more than 12 million people in the world who have been recoganized as stateless. 


COVID -19 had  A SEVERE IMPACT ON ALL THE PEOPLE THROUGHOUT THE GLOBE.STATELESS PEOPLE ARE ONE OF THE MOST EFFECTED GROUP AS THEY ARE AT A HIGHER RISK OF BEING INFECTED DUE TO THE SITUATION AND CIRCUMSTANCES THEY LIVE IN. THEY LACK OF SANITIZATION AND MASKS.THEY ALSO DON’T HAVE ACCESS TO THE MEDICAL CARE AS THEY HAVE FEAR TO GET DEPORTED.Thus the government should take the following measures to improve the condition of stateless people. Firstly ,they shouldn't be deported unnecessary, they should be provided with masks and sanitizers. They should also be provided with basic medical facilities.



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