Something great happened in India On 29/7/2020.
Did you know about this?

It's #newEducationPolicy in India after a long wait of 34 years.

The HRD ministry is taking a meeting of all state education secretaries to discuss the health and safety of students, hygiene measures in schools and issues regarding online/digital learning in their states, said Ramesh Pokhriyal NishankHuman Resources and Development (HRD) minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank tweeted that "I have directed Anita Karwal, the Secretary of School Education and Literacy department, MHRD is taking a meeting of all state education secretaries to discuss health and safety of students, hygiene measures in schools and issues regarding online/digital learning in their states."

He further said that "MHRD is taking all precautionary measures before the opening of schools and colleges, and ensuring that COVID -19 pandemic could not impact students in any part of the country."

Here are key points ??

1-> The entire 10 + 2 will be divided into 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 coverings age 3 to 18.

2-> 6% of GDP to education.
Earlier it was 1.7%.

3-> There is no rigid separation between science and the arts stream.

4-> The flexible choice to choose courses.
Now, We can study physics and mathematics with psychology .

5-> Every child will come out of school adept in at least one skill. By this, students can start working in that skill and field from an early age. ??

6-> The common entrance exam for all Higher education. One exam! All higher education.

7-> Coding from class 6.
This is really great as in many colleges, we have foreign students who start #coding from an early age and we do that in 12 or in graduation.

8-> Test knowledge application. Less important on board exams, more on practical thinking and evaluation.

GREAT Kudos to the team of MHRD ( renamed as education ministry)??

Industry Reactions On New National Education Policy (NEP 2020)

Prof Mahadeo Jaiswal, Director, IIM Sambalpur
“We welcome the move made by The Cabinet to rename the HRD ministry to the Education Ministry as the role of the department is to further and provide education. Allowing global institutes to set up campuses in India is also a positive move as it will increase competition because it will open up our education system and it will also help sustain high talent in the country as students don’t have to move out to pursue education. Changing the pedagogical structure from a 10+2 system to a 5+3+3+4 system is in line with international educational standards. Due to the small structure of our IIMs and IITs, despite having ample talent, they were unable to figure in top 100 institutes of the world. Allowing technical institutes to become multi-disciplinary will help IIMs and IITs to start other departments like medical etc and make their size bigger and allow them to admit more students. This will enable them to compete with the elite institutes of the world and become at par with them in the coming years. Diversification makes education more complete and helps increase intellectual outcome. Overall, the changes have been made according to the global system of education. This will also help attract foreign students to India and help the economy as well.”

Shubham Dangwal, Ph.D Research Scholar & Teaching Associate at Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology 
“This is welcome news for the education sector as from time to time our apps update themselves just like that our education also wants an update. NEP aims at meeting the existing challenges in our education system and building the new foundation for the students. Now I am waiting for its implementation,". The policy will now focus on more eLearning, all-inclusive, and multidisciplinary approach towards education and is likely to allow students flexibility in choosing subjects in undergraduate and post-graduate education.  
Mohan Lakhamraju, Founder & CEO, Great Learning 
“The new National Education Policy 2020 is very progressive and introduces a much-needed set of reforms for the Education sector in India. Specifically for Higher Education, the push towards making all institutions multidisciplinary is an excellent step since today all aspects of business and society are complex and multi-disciplinary in nature. The rationalization of regulatory bodies and the path to progressive autonomy to institutions is also a very welcome step. The opening up to the top 100 international universities will bring in high-quality programs to our students and will further raise the quality bar for all our institutions. Lastly, it is great to see the focus on online education and having the same quality aspiration for it, something that we at Great Learning deeply believe in and would look to make an impactful contribution towards.” 


Which courses you wanted to choose in your 11th class but couldn't?
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