7 ways to become a successful person.

My name Dr. Noorul Hassan (PT) ; and in my dreams the world begins, I dream about to void and silence, I dream about torch into the forest, spreading the life, creating the universe but my world is cruel place full of stress and everything is painful with blood in corpuscles. 

And now I'm not in my dream, but there are some joyful movements and careful terrified by my younger simpler one. And in the very early morning I used to focus on my character which is a class by itself, poise, never making excuses, the miraculous words i.e. a productivity, quality & teamwork. And thus I put my foot on land of my bright future as :-

1)Practice Courtesy,

2) Daily Basis flexible Plan,

3) Practice Honesty,

4) Integrity,


6) Good Listener, and

the very last is:-

7) From my Good habit is to follow the Golden rule" GIGO Principle" is very sounds. NEGATIVITY IN AND NEGATIVITY OUT. GOOD IN AND GOOD OUT.

And being a successful person we should get programmed.

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Dr. Noorul Hassan

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Perfectly Practice Makes the Man Perfect.