Exploring The Uniqueness Of Khow Suey Soup-What It Is & How It Came To Be

It’s not every day that you get to read a blog that elucidates the origins of a soup that you didn't even know existed. And even if you do know, what are the chances that you know its origins as well? What are the odds that you know why this soup is so popular? Buckle up because we are about to tell you about the enigma that is the Khow Suey Soup.

The qualities of this soup are best felt during winter. When it is served with a plethora of condiments, that is when you realize that this appetizer /main course is not messing around. The flavors that will burst on your tongue will also be testimony to the fact that this soup for winters is highly unique and definitely addictive.

Let’s unveil the surprise that may be common knowledge to many. Khow Suey soup is a Burmese delicacy and a one-pot recipe filled with noodles and veggies cooked in coconut milk and garnished with peanuts and fried garlic from the top.

This Asian soup is delightfully versatile. Not only does it help you keep warm during the winters but it also serves as a wholesome meal for lunch and/or dinner. Imagine slurping on this soup next to the bonfire! It would be absolute bliss.

The veggies used in this one-pot soup know no bounds. You can use absolutely anything! Commonly used are broccoli, beans, zucchini, cauliflower and baby corn. We’d personally add small blocks of cottage cheese and peas! You can even use a boiled egg as one of the toppings. Before digging in, make sure that you squeeze a lemon onto the soup as the lemon’s tanginess will intensify the flavors tenfold. And if we say from experience, after having the first slurp, you won’t be able to put down the bowl! 

No matter how picky your children may be, this dish will appeal to them too and why shouldn’t it? Packed with a multitude of flavors, this dish will be fun to consume because half the time would be spent spotting and then relishing the flavors provided. 

Another perk that is not realized instantaneously is the coconut milk serving as the base of this soup. It’s creamy and pungent. And as far as coconut milk curries go, this one is the best as it has many nutritional properties. So, if you have a pesky cold that won’t go away, you know what to whisk at in the kitchen. 

The cooking time for this famous Asian soup is one hour and as you can tell, your running around in the kitchen to assemble all the necessary ingredients is going to be worth it in the end. However, make sure that you only use fresh vegetables for this soup. And, when we say ‘fresh’, we really mean it. 

It would be interesting to note that this soup was inspired from a Burmese noodle dish called Ohn Khauk swe. This version uses chicken noodles but for the sake of the dwindling vegetarian population out there, we recommend using rice noodles! What’s also fascinating is that this dish was carried into the hearts and minds of Indians who migrated from Burma to East India during World War 2. 

Never served as a street food because of its many condiments, this dish is and will always be available in high-end restaurants that know how to serve international dishes to their customers. 

Confusing this famous soup from Asia with Manchow soup would be a rookie mistake. As both are topped with fried noodles, many would be fooled. However, what one must remember is that this soup uses coconut curry as a base that is also prepared with love and precision. And, some may even equate it to Minestrone soup. That would also be a mistake as the latter uses only leftover vegetables to create a delicious soup. So, know your soups!  

According to the recipe, lots of coconut milk is added to curry paste and the soup is thickened by adding gram flour (besan). Some people also use spaghetti instead of other types of noodles. So, this instantly translates to absolutely NO rules when you want to make Khow Suey Soup. You are allowed to go crazy with what you have! 

Of course, if you are making this soup at home, you can tweak the recipe to your liking and experiment wholeheartedly. And if, while dining out, you order this yummy Asian soup, you’ll be pleased to know that condiments like fried onions, peanuts, coriander and lemon are served separately. This way, you can prepare the soup yourself by sprinkling them onto the coconut curry soup. This process will make your culinary experience more adventurous and inclusive. 

While the road to success is paved with good intentions, it is still easy to go astray. So, if you were trying to make this soup at home but couldn’t, don’t worry. Just dine out to partake in this wonderful experience. No one is going to judge, of course! What the world will judge, however, is how well you take the picture of the soup before digging in. Gotta do it for Instagram, right? 

For those still baffled as to how many layers this Burmese soup seems to have, the answer is two. First, you prepare the coconut curry and then you put together the condiments. It’s really not that complicated and is only a pleasant assemblage of healthy ingredients that will do your body a favor in the long run.

Another perk not discussed at length is the one-pot quality. You just dump everything into one pot and voila! You have a meal that is part main course and part soup. You only need dessert after this.

So, this was exploring the uniqueness of a soup that you may or may not have known about before. It’s always imperative to know the ins and outs of food, how its existence commenced and how it continues to live on. We often forget to research or get to know what we eat. No more. Through these blogs, we can become intellectually aware citizens when it comes to the elusive yet colorful culinary world.

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