Best Street Food in Udaipur that You Should Not Miss

Udaipur – The City of Lakes has always been in the priority of every traveler. If he or she is wanderlust and wants to explore some unchartered territories like beautiful Aravalli range, soothing lakes, and mental peace then Udaipur is the best location for it. However, there is a BUT in caps, because no matter how beautiful the city is, there are plenty of places to visit. Unless the street food rejuvenates the taste buds the travel is not said to be complete. Yes! You heard it right because Udaipur is the only place where you can satisfy the authentic Rajasthani food cravings and much more in the platter. Basically, whatever brings you to the city whether it is old city stories by your friends or lakeside evenings. The street of Udaipur is a major flattering part. Enough of the talking, let’s begin with some of the mouth watering places that can satisfy your cravings.

Rajasthani Food – Dal Bati

The old-famous and the well-known Santosh Dal Bati corner is the most aspiring and worthy to eat. It is situated at Surajpole circle near JMB Sweet Shop. The location is very easy to access and prirce is very affordable. The Thali is served with delicious Dal, Baati, Churma, and Chutney. You might get plenty of options in the same but this is a must-have joint to visit. Don’t be in hustle take every bite of the dish with full zeal and enrich your taste with the most seasoning flavor.

Kulhad Coffee and Snacks

You might have tasted various types of coffees but Udaipur offers you a fabulous Kulhad coffee with a beautiful view of Fatehsagar lake. You can visit the location directly at Fatehsagar lake and the Bombay market situated there that has some nice snacks which you can try but the Kulhad coffee is mandatory. The Sai Sagar and Vinod Café give the best coffee. So, capture some beautiful pictures in front of the heart of Udaipur that is Fatehsagar lake with a cup of coffee in hand.

Pandit Pav Bhaji

The all-time favorite Pav Bhaji is one of the most fascinating dishes of every season. Still, from place to place the taste and the serving style vary but this is something you will never want to get rid off. Udaipur has its own history of Pav Bhaji as the Pandit Pav Bhaji stall situated at Town Hall is an all-time favorite of the Udaipurites. There are numerous stalls but the Pandit’s have clawed their hands for a very long time. The price is approximately Rs 60/- per plate and it is worth every bite. So don’t forget to put this food joint in the checklist of Udaipur street food.

Natraj Dining Hall

Done with the oily or so-called gravy food? Natraj Dining Hall situated near City Railway Station. The fun fact is you can have a huge thali loaded with the most assorted meal that you can ever have. The price of the Thali is approx. Rs 280/- and guess what, it is unlimited. So get your hands on such amazing food-led with all types of Rajasthani meals. The Thali is worth every penny because it comprises such a vivid range that trust me you won’t be able to finish at once.

Egg Point

“Whoo! No more Veg food Plz…” – says a Travel Freak. Now let’s introduce some jaw-dropping varieties in the egg. At the Chetak circle, there is a famous egg joint named Egg World. From Rs 50 – 150/- you can choose the one from a vivid range of menu. Trust me, go for Egg Bhurji, Slice Omelet, and Eggnice, this will actually take the egg dish experience to another level. Moreover, the menu is loaded with the best of the egg varieties. The Chetak Circle is near Fatehsagar so once you have Kulhad Coffee then on the way back you can take a halt at egg point.

Biryani House

One more food joint at the Chetak Circle that is the Biryani House, it has been in the eyes of the Udaipurites and every traveler to experience some spicy Biryani that too in diverse ways. The Biryani House is now enriching the flavor of tasty cuisines and coming up with different styles. So make your mind because visiting Udaipur is a kind of expedition you can never forget when it comes to beauty with taste.


OK! Now take a detour and get to the outskirts of the city and make a note that here you can get delicious Kathiyawadi food 24*7. A fusion of Gujrati food and Rajasthani Dal Bati gives a beautiful texture to the dish and brings a change to your generic food styles as well. The Kathiyawadi restaurant is situated in Balicha on Ahmedabad highway. So, fulfill the desire of having an outstanding late night meal that has the sole reason to spend less and make the most of it. 

Such exquisite dishes and street food places are the foremost that you must visit while you are exploring Udaipur. The city is full of such amazing places that every time you will experience something more and iconic in the cuisine or the fusions. It was just a glimpse of the Udaipur street food whereas the actual taste and more food joints are in the city. So before taking any further call, plan to Udaipur and take a day out to the city’s best street food joints.

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