Performance of Food Delivery Apps in Delhi in Recent Years

In this era of technology & modernisation, everything has become digital- even food! Yes, you guessed it right, our emphasis is on food delivery portals. Apps that can let you order your food online while chilling on your couch or while working at the office. These are wish-granting wizards for the modern generation. Since our lifestyle occupies a lot of our time, we are left with no time to pamper ourselves with the food we like. The idea behind the making of these apps is to provide a simple gateway to your favourite food & restaurants in a few minutes. 

An Overview Of the Startups We Like 

With a sixth largest food industry in the world, food start-ups are a country's most beneficial start-up concept. Speaking of Delhi, the nation's capital has witnessed many great platforms such as Swiggy, Food Panda, Nashta, and many more to order their meals as needed. 

Such food companies were just an idea a long ago and now all of this has become a reality or we can claim a privilege to order meal of our choices and get them delivered at our doorstep. In the pat 5 years, the concept of food on fly or by telephone and web has developed mainly in Delhi. 

Some of the earliest food delivery apps and portals are Tastykhana,, Food Panda. Several new startups have set up their base in Delhi in recent years, such as the food cloud, and Food panda has acquired many of the existing startups, such as the fairest and most delicious khan. 

This industry has seen a huge growth in Delhi itself between 2015-2017. Approximately 123 food apps are operational in the capital over the period 2015-2018. Food panda and Swiggy are the most popular food apps in the area. Such two start-ups provide unparalleled customer service and satisfaction. To sum up, we can say that food start-ups are setting up in Delhi, the last five years have seen the discovery amongst the various start-ups, providing a variety to Delhi's foodies.

Popular Apps & Their Features- To help you order better! 

Food Panda: 

Food Panda food delivery is an amazing way to discover local Indian restaurants delivering to your doorway. It connects people with the best food around them. People love to use this app as it’s easy and is in market for a long time now. Many celebrities too have been a part of their advertising campaigns, making it more popular amongst the youth. 

Food Cloud: 

Food Cloud is an online portal connecting foodies to Delhi-NCR home chefs. Helping you find and order delicious home-cooked food made with love and by professionals. Not many people are aware about Food Cloud but it still holds a strong space in the market. It’s a brimming cloud of discounts and good food for everyone. 

Nashta: offers a delicious breakfast made with the finest freshly cooked ingredients and delivered every morning to your doorway. With this app, you can feel a chef cooking exclusively for you every time you order food. Currently, they are serving in Gurugram only. 


Zomato, along with Foodpanda and Swiggy, is one of India's leading food technology companies. It has more than 42,000 restaurants listed throughout India's major cities and also operates in more than 23 countries. As a result of its clever strategy, it has grown exponentially over the years, breaking even in many major markets like India, and expecting to achieve profitability in coming years. 


Swiggy based in Bangalore was founded in 2014 by Sriharsha Majety, a BITS- Pilani alumni, together with college friend Nandan Reddy and Rahul Jaimini, an IIT-Kharagpur graduate. We want to change India's way of eating and for consumers to be at the top of mind. It's a name known to everyone, no matter what the occasion is just Swiggy It! They are known for their fast & affordable serving. Also, they do have some exciting offers going on throughout the year. 

So, what does 2019- 20 hold? 

As people of Delhi (a metropolitan) today are more dependent and reliable on these food startups to fill their tummy and soul, it can be quoted that this year will be the benchmark in this industry according to market analysis and conditions. 

DELHITES have a soul connection with food and being a Delhite I can say that food startups like Swiggy, Zomato, Tastykhanna are my on the go choice to order food for my soul. The last 2 years were the most involved years, as people started using these apps and also generating new ideas for Food startups like these specially in a foodie state like DELHI. 

When it comes to love for food, Delhiites would top the list of food lovers. They are obsessed with our favourite food & food joints. 

For people adoring food so much, home delivery is an ultimate gift. 

Looking at the progress of these popular food apps in recent years we can say that the coming years hold a lot of appreciation & profit for them. 

With the year ending, and holiday season- the business for food startups will surely blossom more. If you love food as much as we do make sure to experience comforting food with the above-mentioned apps. 

Bottom Line 

The great thing about these food startups is that these are owned and founded by young individuals mostly. The idea behind their foundation is to serve best, serve fast and at affordable prices. Youth today spends most of their earnings on food & lifestyle. They are very fond of eating great food every day, the reason behind the success of these apps. 

If you think that there is more to food than just taste then ensure that you get your hands on these apps. Affordable food for every individual is the motto for the coming years too. Gradually we can make a change in the way we eat and enjoy food while sitting at home.

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