Runway Trends from Resort Wear 2020

People who happen to be remotely fashionable might not know what Resort 2020 collection is and what it constitutes. However, we have done a brief research and found the perfect definition for what this means.

Resort-wear was also known as cruise-wear at one point. However, the reason why it is called ‘resort wear’ is not because you can only wear certain clothing lines at resorts but because these clothes are mostly made from cotton, silk, denim, microfiber, straw and poplin. They are also believed to be easy to pack, are lightweight and breathable. These clothes are made available at the high-end stores in November and December after their debuts on the runway at the beginning of each year.

Resort 2020 collection is directed at and made for the more affluent portion of the population. It is crafted by luxury brands for people who can afford to vacation lavishly in warm-weather climates right after Christmas or New Year. 

First and foremost, such a wealthy population skims thoroughly at all the clothes featured in the fashion shows by brands like Dior and Chanel, etc. This gives them inspiration to incorporate such fashion trends into their own wardrobe seamlessly and allows them to have an irrevocably stylish holiday. 

But, where do WE fit in all this? 

It should be mandatory for our readers to know that while brands like Giorgio Armani and Prada are for the richer and richest people on the planet, this barrage of fashion shows also hopes to give us (the humble commoners) ideas for future outfits and gear us up for the year-round fashion season. All of this can also allow us to integrate these collections into our everyday-wear holistically and creatively.

So, allow us to introduce you to some of the best Runway trends from Resort Fashion shows 2020.

1. I Spot Lots Of Polka Dots!

Michael Kors’ collection not only succumbs to the trends of resort collection but it also aims to be reverent toward tailoring.

A model showcased the same when she walked the runway in an outfit that was almost Goth but then again, not really. She adorned a polka-dot dress-like trench coat and bold pumps. What this outfit will do is fit the mold for holiday-outfits like polka-dot swim suits. A little bit of knitwear was also featured with studded cardigans as well. We also had heart eyes for a grey-ankle length pant which had flare not on the bottom but on the top. 

Other brands that had polka-dots on their minds were Rosetta Getty with her broken polka-dot print and Johanna Ortiz (in collaboration with Tabitha Simmons). This duo introduced polka-dot platform sandals on a polka-dot midi-skirt and a balloon-sleeved polka-dot crop top. 

So, next time you see polka-dots when you are out shopping, you’ll know that it is a MAJOR trend right now. 

2. For The Woman Who Works 

Clare Waight Keller is a working mom and a designer for Givenchy. This is why, for the Resort collection, she rolled out designs that will be perfect for working-moms. Therefore, like, Kors, she also paid special attention to tailoring. And so came forth the trench coats, flowing gowns with frills on them and of course, how could we forget the legendary faux-fur coats that are bold and beautiful at the same time? Other brands that dealt with faux fur were Sandy Liang with her classy trimmed jacket that was furry and fuzzy and Maria Cornejo with her trademark “quadro” sleeve made from an organic faux fur from Japan. 

Another highlight was the gowns and these were adorned by models that did not have buckets of make-up on their faces. These gowns are obviously easy to walk in, thus eliminating any chance of tripping. 

This collection was not only made for women who believe in being fashion-forward but also so that they can be professional and stylish at the same time in their workplaces. 

3. Classy Yet Sassy

Coach’s resort collection is devoted to girls and women alike who want to be fashionable but who also like a fair amount of comfort. So, vintage leather jackets and platform leather boots will always be favorites from their runway shows. Even a leather trouser if it does not chaff the models’ legs first!

Niti Lotan also dabbled with leather. But her collection was mostly bomber jackets that had a dash of leopard print on them. Even Louis Vuitton royally experimented with leather by introducing its own rendition of a denim jacket and denim skirt but in leather. 

However, our favorite from the entire Coach collection was a plaid suit worn with trainers. What astonishingly completed the look was a thin choker on the model’s neck, thus making the outfit edgy and snuggly at the same time. 

4. Gowns, Gowns and more Gowns!

By hosting the resort collection fashion show at Musei Capitolini, in Rome (the oldest museum in the world!), Gucci made a political statement. Or, perhaps, they wanted to remind us that we need to be more grounded and appreciate the past in the present so that it can improve our future. This inference was born because the models were made to walk among statues and the room was lit by torches only.

Our favorites were a suit jacket with ‘My Body, My Choice’ stitched on the back, and a delicate white dress embroidered with an image of a uterus on the front.

While these clothes may have been made for the resort 2020 collection, they also offered various political opinions that tried to elucidate the current situation of politics in the USA and how it is a social swamp for women there, in general. The collection also included a lot of gowns that were dainty and feminine. One can say that Gucci’s collection was fifty parts stylish and fifty parts activist. 

Women do not need to feel limited by pants and jeans in the summer anymore. They can opt for gowns that come in soothing colors like white and olive-green, Gucci’s runway style seemed to say.

Brands like Carolina Herrera also dealt in gowns in the way that the model wore a strapless gown embellished in the traditional embroideries of Oaxaca (a state in Mexico). And, the star in Zac Posen’s collection from Resort 2020 was undoubtedly a black cape gown in midnight ombré silk. 

This was our list of runway trends that were seen out and about in Resort 2020 fashion shows held all over the world in the first installment of the year 2019.  These trends definitely caught our eye, touched our hearts and transformed our wardrobes for the better! 

Perhaps, you could mimic the trends as they are or you could put together bits and pieces of the styles you liked most and create your own runway trends. Make 2020 YOUR year by drawing lots of inspiration from such runway shows. 

Remember, fashion starts with YOU and continues on with YOUR ability to make it work when you walk with agility and confidence in a room full of people. We hope that these trends spark something innovative within you. 

Make the world your runway and don’t be blinded by the flashy lights! 

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