Instagram Trends of 2K19 For Men's Fashion World

Instagram plays a huge role when it comes to defining trends! It all starts on the runway though, one shall know the insights of every trend. We are the E- Generation, dependent on social platforms for every latest happening around the globe. So let us take some advantage & learn a few things while we are glued to our mobile phones most of our days. 

What is the Trend? 

The trend is nothing but anything loved & followed by masses for a specific duration of time. In simpler terms, it's something your favourite actors or even players you see adorning. It's not always loved by everyone but it does have a strong impact on individuals in today's era. 

But a trend only gains attention when you begin to see specific items on your feed multiple times. This whole year brand's created posts in a way that would attract its Instagram audience, influencers went on to make careers out of this new audience attraction, and meme fashion was the year's breakout star. They became what we call a hunger to be in the zone. People, we eager to know what is being loved around the world. Trends are meant to be followed, one may explore them from time to time to pull them off in their lives. So here are a few of those trends of 2k19 which were most loved & followed by your fellow Instagramers. Binge read and learn how you too can nail them! 

The Harness Since we are talking about men's fashion here, it was quite a rage this year. From funky oversized clothes to weird accessories, designers experimented with men's fashion wear frequently. The trend which was on fire this year was the harness. Firstly it was adorned by Timothee Chalamet, an actor from Hollywood. He wore it over his shirt & pants instead of the basic TUX. Although this fashion trend was loved by few & trolled by few too, it was something to look upon. After that many bloggers in India also experimented with this fashion trend. People were eager to follow something fun & bold. 

The Bucket Hat This year's 90s made a huge comeback. Think of bags of fanny, hideous boots, trousers of cargo and more. But nothing sounded more exciting than the bucket hat. Relieving the Dil Chahta Hai vibes with the bucket hat was one thing we enjoyed. Every 90's kid became excited about this trend coming back to being. The style maestro Mr. Ranveer Singh himself adorned this hat and made quite a stir across his fans. Again when we talk about old trends coming back into business it's fun to relive the time. 

The Hottest Logo Fendi was one of the hottest logos which ruled the trend chart on Instagram. From shoes to bags, we saw this logo everywhere. Not only amongst the ladies this was quite popular amongst the men as well. The thing about logos is that these are millennial's favorite. They love it whether it's original or even a copy. Apart from Fendi brands like off-white were also seen multiple times on everyone's Instagram feed. Not only celebrities but bloggers and influencers were also focusing on the logo trend closely for the entire 2019. If you missed it, scroll up some bloggers and you will get the insight the trend in an instance. 

The Popular Sneaker Show No one can ever get enough of sneakers! These are just like a must-have in every wardrobe & during every season. Just like fashion admirers, Instagrammers have followed the shoe trend all along the year. 

It all started with the chunky Belenciaga Shoes. This brand made a mark by launching bulky sneakers which later became the most followed fashion trend by Millenials. Styling shoes is never easy, especially when it comes to men's fashion. Shoes do play a vital role in how every look will turnout overall, therefore these sneakers made quite a buzz amongst the people. 

The Neon Zone Nailing neon has been a forte of the ladies but this year men were also equally adorning it. We saw fashion houses creating neon looks on the runway and for magazines. People weren't afraid to try the bright, vibrant and not so usual shades. Again when it comes to men's fashion world, the choices are limited and rather risky. Instagram helped people come out of their comfort zones & try out new trends. If you are also the one who isn't afraid to go a bit out of the line once in a while- Go Neon! It's refreshing to see how colors can do wonders for our basic wardrobe & outfits. 

How to follow what is being followed? 

The question which remains is how can we nail the trends followed by every other person around us? Well, the choice is always in our hands when it comes to fashion. Your style shall be as unique as your individuality. It shall not be impacted and shall be influenced from time to time. The trends we see on Instagram are what people are doing around the globe. It's like an update on how things are changing and not a guide you must always follow. When scrolling through your feed you may come across a lot of amusing trends, it's not mandatory to follow each of them. Go for what you feel like fun & yourself. This way you will be able to follow the trend without failing! 

Since the year is ending it's important to look back and take away what feels important. Trends are nothing but a phase people liked. It's important to experiment with your style to remove the monotonous routine. You shall be able to indulge yourself in everything new every now & then. 

So the next time you are scrolling through Instagram feed not only double-tap but also save it on your bucket list. Try out new trends and bring fun to fashion. This way you too will look dapper & chill on every occasion.

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