Best life lessons learn from my grandparents

We all have some childhood memories but I have somedifferent and amazing which I learn from mygrandfather. And I thought somewhere he is my rolemodel somewhere I learn a lot from him.So, when I was a kid around ten or twelve I alwayswake up early with my grandfather because they used towalk early in the morning and I used to go with themtoo he always used to take some food item with themlike some


BAMBOO     A versatile and viable alternativeA Dutch study published in the Environment International Journal on 24 March examined blood samples from 22 anonymous, healthy volunteers. The study found microplastics in nearly 80% of them.Half of the blood samples showed traces of PET plastic, widely used to make plastic bottles, while more than a third had polystyrene, used for

Street Dogs and how to save them

SAVE ME SAVE ME(Stop Street dog Cruelty)(Adopt street dogs)The day I met him I felt he wanted to say " I’m starving for weeks and I need food. I am dying from exhaustion and thirst, I’m not waiting for a miracle, it's very difficult to survive on street, people rarely give piece of bread even some mix poison in my food. It's hurts me so much and I'm starving to death, all I need is a piec

Waste Disposal and Recycling

Waste Disposal and RecyclingDate: 21.06.22Examine the contents of your trash can. How much trash does your family produce each day? each week? once a month? Where does all of this trash go?Although it is alluring to believe that the trash we throw away genuinely disappears, we all know otherwise. See what truly happens to all that waste once it exits your trash can in the following image.Solid Was

Effects of Plastic Bags on Environment

The effects of Plastic bags on environment and its controlEvery year, around 500 billion plastic bags are used worldwide. 500,000,000,000. Five hundred followed by nine zeros. That's a lot of bags. So many that over one million bags are being used every minute and they're damaging our environment. Big numbers can be daunting so let's put it another way. Every man, woman and child on our planet use

Soil is Dying

SOIL is DYING! Yes you read it right.When we talk about saving our environment we typically talk or read about planting trees, saving water, reducing carbon emission etc. But we forget another very important part of this Environment which is soil. According to many surveys it is found that we are having fertile and useful soil for another 50-60 years. Can we imagine a life without proper soil? Ans

From Yoga to Concentration

From Yoga to ConcentrationIntroductionYoga is the best, safe, easy, and healthy way to stay fit throughout life without any problem. All it requires is regular practice of body movements and correct breathing patterns. It consists of three main elements of the body; Regulates the contact between body, mind, and spirit. It regulates the functioning of all the organs of the body and protects the bod

Sustainable Development

                                                   Sustainable Development            

Health and Fitness for busy people

                    Health and Fitness for busy people                    Date: 17 June 2022 Friday-Dhruv Arora“Health is wealth”, phrase that is a treasure for every human being. With good health

What is gender inequality?

 What is gender inequality?-by B.charanGender inequality refers to the unequal and biased treatment of individuals on the basis of their gender. This inequality happens because of socially constructed gender roles. It happens when an individual of a specific gender is given different or disadvantageous treatment in comparison to a person of the other gender in the same circumstance.How does

Global Warming Part 2

Already, in some African countries droughts and floods occur morefrequently, and outside of previously known cycles. Higherevaporation rates will cause more rainfall in some areas, causingsoil erosion and desertification of areas. In the future, Africa, thepoorest continent, will be particularly hard hit by droughts andfloods while having few resources to combat these.Transport will be affected by

Global Warming Part 1

Name= Ravi VermaRegistration no:=12101029Abstract:Global warming is the result of the amplification of a naturalprocess occurring in the atmosphere called the GreenhouseEffect. This amplification is caused by the addition of a rangeof gases to the atmosphere as a result of domestic andindustrial activity. The main culprits are carbon dioxide andmethane. The concentration of carbon dioxide has been